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Well, I definitely believe I am the son of God. I know it is true. I have abounding proof in my background. All before me are proofs of it. Drfuzzy might say, you might say "you think THAT family is the family of God?". Well my family doesn't need an introduction. All you need to see first hand is their names. They speak for themselves. And I think my brother and sisters speak for themselves, too. I guess anyone really could take the name Killingsworth as a sign of "the nobility of God's". But, I'll tell you one thing, I am convinced of that at this point. I genuinely believe that because my name is Killingsworth, I am of a royal descent. There's got to be proof of it out there somewhere. So I guess it's just as simple as that. Any doubters or disbelievers can take the name Killingsworth themselves, however, they can also back out of the room, not say anything at all about it, and run away. Because as far as anything else goes, that's the last bit of proof they will hear about the family of God.



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