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RE: Large Venezuelan Migration Sparks Xenophobic Backlash in Colombia


Hypocritic Hispanic crybabies.

And in that case it seems even more strange because as far as I know the majority of Venezuelans are mestizos like the majority of Colombians so it's the same race, unlike the people coming across the southern border of the US.

(America first)
Hispanics can’t even get along with other Hispanics, yet they want me to believe that they are going to get along great with Whites, Blacks, and Asians.

Back in the 1980s, 20 percent of the population of oil-rich Venezuela consisted of Colombian immigrants. Socialism has sent all the Colombians plus millions of native Venezuelans back across the border. Now that the Democrat Party has achieved the total power they have long lusted for, they will make the US into North Venezuela. Mexico had better get ready for a large influx not only of Mexican-Americans but of actual Americans as well.

(Joe Dixon)
Biden's going to invite them all into the United States soon, what's another 5-10 million hispanic immigrants when you've already got 100 million. Just think of all that cultural enrichment, diversity and votes for the democrat party.


The message that Venezuelan migrants are no longer welcome comes from average Colombian citizens and powerful government officials alike. Last week, for example, Colombian President Iván Duque announced that undocumented Venezuelan migrants would not receive vaccinations for the coronavirus despite concerns from refugee agencies that this policy could lead to more infections.

“Of course they won’t get it,” Duque told a Bogotá radio station. “Otherwise we would have a stampede with the whole world crossing the border to get vaccinated.”

Common sense to take care of your own first.

Just another npr sob story to import more of them here.

They are on their way to chant Biden, Biden at the border.



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