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RE: JFL Man Confronts Daughter’s Ex-Boyfriend Who Admits To Physically Abusing Her

Clown world on steroids. Worthless white skank fucked him because he's a Tyrone-looking bad boy. She only wants tall hunk Tyrone to fuck her with his longdong. I actually have a lot of respect for this Tyrone dude, he handled her and her cuck father very well, like they deserve to be handled. And the stupid bluepill cuck dad blames it on the bro instead of his stupid whore daughter, lol. Eat shit and suffer, bluepillers.

(The Abyss)
I hear this shit, they pick these "broken badboys" & attempt to fix them, "he's a project". Well more often than not this is met with a beat down or him bouncing as he's sick of her shit but in the rare occasions they succeed they then quickly lose attraction as not only did they adjust the stuff they dislike but also altered the things about him they found attractive.

>father has a daughter, tries raising her right but obviously impossible in a state where public school (brainwashing) is mandated

>father tries fighting female nature and globalist shithole country brainwashing with discipline for his daughter, fails

>daughter grows up and fucks nigger, hates dad because society told her that not being able to do whatever you want is abuse, and if you don’t kneel for BLM you are literally hitler

Boyfriend: “Hmm dumdatdoodaa shiiet muhfugga”

>get invited to dr Phil show by nigger
>explain very understandable position including how nigger has been sexually harassing wife
>sheep don’t get it
>black halo too powerful
>nigger opens his mouth
“Dumdadodamuhfugga whut chu want sir”
>audience sheep clap for him
it’s over



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