I constantly see pseudo-nationalist leaders proclaim that Islam “goes against our values.” What is fundamentally wrong with this assertion, is that the very values that the pseudo-nationalists claim to protect are not our values at all. One of the most common “values” that fake, pseudo, civic cucks defend is the right to be a faggot. Faggotry became a Western value when? 2013?

Civic nationalist cucks are trying to make their arguments more plausible to a media that hates them anyway. By trying to side with the gay lobby, or any other nu-age ideology, these civic nationalists are just cowering and too scared to face the true issue head on. They are simply too afraid to say, “the white race is dying off and we have to do something about it.”

Whether civic nationalists get their way and accept millions of refugees who assimilate to our “values” makes no difference, because whenever you fill an area with millions of non-white people, you get non-white results. The end  is going to be a mestizo-ized state with low levels of trust, no social support system, and low intensity street violence that you find in any third world hell-hole.



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