Robert Lindsay #fundie

Well then, let me ask you something. Would a 15 year old girl have the experience to be able to tell if a boy her age is approaching her with longer term or sexual interest in her and therefore she would associate with him as she would with someone else and let down her guard, without having complete knowledge and understanding the implications of what she is getting into? You say she is Little Miss Naivete. If so, why wouldn’t a slick teenage boy be able to groom her as well.

I myself had sex with a number of 15 year old girls between the ages of 18-20. Believe me, they knew what they were doing. They pretty much seduced me in most cases.

No how is it that a 30 year old woman can be molested again?

I think this whole thing is a mountain in a molehill. In the past few towns I have lived in, you honestly cannot even talk to underage girls, ever. People will get pretty upset if they even see you talking to them.

I learned this the hard way because I have always talked to everyone my whole life and I am comfortable around kids. So at the local coffee shop, I would try to make conversation with some of the girls in line or putting milk and sugar in their coffee. Well after a little while, these idiot kids started calling me “molester” apparently for doing nothing other than that. Then I figured out that it’s not ok for a man my age (or possibly any man, I have no idea) to talk to teenage girls without getting called a molester.

Now I live in a Latino town, and you still can’t talk to teenage girls. It’s basically impossible. You can’t even ask what school they go to or if they are in high school or college. Those are considered “molester” questions. It’s not even very easy to look at them. They’re about as off-limits as human beings can be. And this is a Latino town where nobody cares about much of anything, and a lot of people are poor.

Now given that that’s the way things are, the way I see it is that the vast majority of teenage girls getting involved with adult men these days know exactly what they are doing, and in fact the relationship is 100% consensual. I figure in most cases the girls probably even seduce the men. But I do not know how anyone pulls off any such relationship nowadays because I see these girls as not only untouchable but also untalkable. How likely are they to be “groomed” if you can’t even say Hi to them?



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