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[From "White Girls are the Greatest Because of Their Independent Aryan Spirit"]

A lot of people in the right-wing are talking bad about white girls nowadays, and I just want to say: if you don’t love white girls, you don’t love the white race.

Our white women are our greatest treasure.

It’s time for white men to man up and start marrying single mothers, because actually, it is the fault of white men, or maybe the fault of Jews somehow, that white women made these decisions in the first place.

It’s only because men are so weak that they don’t have the bravery to marry a used-up single mother. It’s that men who don’t respect women just aren’t masculine, so they just love Donald Trump, because they can’t get the respect of other men.

If you’re a true man of the pure Aryan spirit, it’s time for you to man up and honor our princesses.

Time to man up and be a real man if you want to be respected by other men as a true respecter of real Aryan princesses.

Our princesses represent true diversity, I just love their different independent styles and their unique personalities.

[Pictures of White women holding placards saying they want to date and sleep with Black men]

The love of our Aryan women is why we need communism, you dumb incel irony bro.

We can’t just control women, and force them to do what we want them to do.

We have to give them their freedom. We have to let them choose for themselves. That is the real Aryan alternative lifestyle choice.

The Christians want to control women, because they are afraid of their true Aryan independence.

They are insecure cowards.

If a man is not an incel and a woman-hating irony bro, then he understands that it is part of our values that we don’t control our women. We know they are strong, so we allow them to make their own decisions.

If you’re the kind of weak man who doesn’t think white women should be allowed to make decisions, it’s just that you’re weak and other men don’t respect you because you don’t respect yourself.

[Further pictures of White women holding placards saying they want to date and sleep with Black men and not White men]

Real men man-up and marry 30-year-old single moms.

That’s what socialism is really all about, and if you don’t agree, you’re a weak incel who just does irony.



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