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Those within the Deep State of Leftist politics have also been recruiting Christian church leadership as their “useful idiots.” So far, they’ve recruited 28,000 clergy to be part of their “Clergy Response Team.” Their job is to tailor their sermons, in the midst of all this present darkness, to brainwash their congregations to obey government authorities through the deliberate misinterpretation of Romans 13.

Perhaps the pastors don’t know any better, but they’re now all on board, acting as “sleeper cells,” if you will, ready to support the unconstitutional dictates of their government “masters” through agencies like FEMA and Homeland Security whenever called upon. They’ve been instructed to teach “government obedience,” for such things as turning in firearms, re-locating to ‘FEMA Camps,’ submitting to mandatory vaccinations and more. They’ve already willingly closed their churches, forced face masks and social distancing when ordered to do so, so if you think this is “far fetched,” think again. This is right out of the Nazi ‘playbook.’ And I wonder — is YOUR pastor part of the Clergy Response Team? Do you even know? Would he even tell you if you asked?



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