Lv99_BixNood & fast_curry #racist #sexist

Chinkcels get brutally cucked in new Huawei ad

Chinkcels on zhihu are not happy about this, many blackpilled comments:

Part of the malice is to encourage East Asian yellow women to abandon their own race of men

Anyone who says I'm overreacting and says Chinese men are too sensitive is a pull-off, an accomplice to the cultural genocide of Asian-Yellow men by Germanic whites

Enjoy - refers to the yellow man working while the white man enjoys the gentle yellow skin wife (cover face)


All forms of racemixing are bad but racemixing is worse in Europe than in China. France has 5 million Africans or 7.5% of the total population. China would need 105 million Africans to have the same %.

The eurocucks brought it upon themselves by colonizing shithole countries in Africa.

That law has nothing to do with colonial past and can be changed tomorrow if the Jews that rule over France decide to do it.

Yeah but it won't. Americans could also go back to enslaving niggers but you know as well as I that'll never happen.

Zhihu is a site I never manage to understand. On one hand, if you search for the term "incel", you'll see foids and soys sitting at the moral high ground, defending whores and making fun of lonely men. Then the men get worked up when they are slapped on the face by videos like this, completely oblivious of how their own actions of white-worshiping will eventually lead to their own doom. Too bad CCP is no longer as based as it used to be; whoever's involved would have been labeled as the enemy of people, publicly shamed for degeneracy then sentenced to death.



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