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( @Nature_and_Race )
Well, you can fuck whoever you want (so long as they're a willing participant and of legal age).

HOWEVER, if you fuck non-white women, then you're not pro-White. You're literally a race-traitor.

But at least you're willing to admit you're a degenerate. It's nice to see a little honesty here for a change.

( @SouthPole )
@Nature_and_Race I broke it off with a girl I started talking to just a few weeks into the conversation when I realized she was of mixed blood. She looked completely White, but wasn't.

We have to live what we preach, otherwise we're hypocrites and no better than those who want to replace us.

( @WestStadt )
@SouthPole @Nature_and_Race do tell, she was half White and half?

( @SouthPole )
@WestStadt @Nature_and_Race apparently 1/4 Japanese, but you could not tell at all. Her hair was pretty straight, but I guess I missed that. It kinda sucked because she was really sweet, but I just couldn't do it.

( @ConwayO )
@Nature_and_Race I never understood the attraction towards Asian women in the Pro-White circles? 1. They have flat faces so that's just gross. 2. Asian's are boring in general imagine being married to one. 3. Asian's are the most resentful towards Whites, they're willing to side with Blacks that attack them on a daily bases just to stick it to Whites.

( @VirtuousKnight )
@Nature_and_Race They are race-traitors indeed. For instance, I have only one sibling, a younger brother, and he is a disappointment and a traitor. For the last few months I have been fighting with him because of his subversive and degenerate ways. I told him many times that he must find a woman that is 100% White, just like us, and he totally ignored my advice, and now he is dating an asian. When I told him that what he is doing is wrong he literally replied: "At least the Japanese helped Hitler". I was almost speechless because of the amount of stupidity that can be found in just one sentence, then I replied: "There is no "At least". What you are doing is wrong. Period." I just don't understand how someone with so much potential can be so idiotic. He is an adult and wears clothes that are 10 times bigger than him, and smokes weed almost everyday. And when I rarely give my National Socialist opinions during family gatherings, then my family worries about me, and not him, this is how disappointing this world is.



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