Global_Meet_375 #racist #sexist

Anytime a women shows her emotions it is used against her people say stuff like "is it that time of the month", This is why women can't become leaders or be president", now these males say that when we cry and express our emotions that it is used against black men somehow even tho no one is being physically harmed by someone crying unlike when black males use aggression to get what they want. Such as in mongomary brawl where a black man hit a white women in the face with a metal folding chair over a dispute about a dockside parking spot because he didn't get the parking spot he wants and all the liberals and black men defended him and he didn't even get jail time. Another example would be about the black man who went around NYC and punched a bunch of white women of the head and even chipped a womens tooth and gave another women a concussion.

Then these black males have the audacity to call women Karen's because she called the police on them because she is scared for her safety.

What is more dangerous a women crying or a man who violently hurts women according to all the black men and liberals its women crying.

If black males care so much about racism why don't they attack white men that would make the most sense because they have the most power. The reason why they don't do that is because there misogynistic and they hate women even women of there own race look at how they treat black women. I doubt that most of them even cares about racism and they just care about attacking women.



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