Kerwin Brown #fundie

[Kerwin Brown on Randall Terry provoking violence at abortion clinics]

I do not know how to say this kindly but I will try. Unless someone lives in a fantasy world they know there is always violence at abortion clinics because an abortion is an act of violence.

Genocide is a horrible thing to support. How does it feel be a Nazi or Nazi symphonize. I am not talking about those pseudo Nazis that parade around and make obnoxious noises. I am talking about the Nazis that kill blacks, Hispanics, and poor and middle class whites off every day. The Nazis who have created a wasteland of the United States and are responsible not only for the deaths of millions but also for the immigration crisis, the Social Security crisis, and probably much more as there are not enough young workers. You embrace an evil philosophy and you need to change your ways and stop supporting the tyrannical violation of basic human rights. The U.S. booted King George and his minions for less than the atrocities you and your faction are responsible for. So don’t go complaining about someone blocking your path because you got what you deserve the United States would have been at war 33 years ago.



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