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RE: More Dems fear Trump supporters and unvaccinated than Taliban

There won't be any civil war.

There already is.

You can keep living in denial of the observable and demonstrable reality going on around you.

But it's not going away Peck. The civil war started in earnest in 2018.

There are not enough of them and they are not qualified to mount one, nor do they command the resources, nor is there sufficient support on the ground for such a thing. No red-state governor is going to announce secession.

Welcome to not 1861 anymore peck.

When are you going to figure out it's 2021 and NOBODY lines up in big fields so they can gun each other down anymore???

Uh I'm a democrat and I'm worried about the taliban, sure, but I'm also worried about similar zealots of the right wing in this country threatening to do the same thing the Taliban would to me in what they call a 2nd American civil war.

And just like with the Taliban and 2/3's the fuckin' planet that's only because control freaks in the US gov REFUSE to leave them the fuck alone and mind their own god damn bidniz.

The Taliban and for the last 3 years any US citizens who aren't ride or die Democrats woke to the evils of whiteness, western liberalism and capitalism, have the same fucking problem, a US federal government with a full blown case of Nosy Nancy and Kontrol Freak Karen psychosis gone full batshit SJW crazy.


I'm more worried about the zealots on the Left.

The idiots on the right isolate themselves instead of attempting to "convert/convict" everyone else...

^^ Ding ding ding ding......

Who are the absolutely deranged control freaks looking for and even trying to just create any authority they can to force their politics down the throat of a bunch of people who don't want it?

Not the right wing.



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