Rescuer (Jay Bartlett) #fundie

Dear brother, most people would think this is crazy but this kind of evil supernaturalism occurs in our day and we need to be prepared. There are deep mystical (as in supernatural) and theological elements that come into play here but I see four things happening here--

1. Some babies are not really babies but demons clothing themselves as babies in attempt to torment the victim's body.

2. Some babies are genuine babies but indwelt by demonic spirits.

3. Some babies are dead babies held in the body by demonic power to torment.

4. Some babies are a human-demon hybrids (demons attacked sexually and implanted genuine human seed that was indwelt with a demonic being) and the spirits have affected the DNA, etc.

In cases of #1 I would expel the demon utilizing ancient spiritual weapons, in cases of #2 life should be honored but the demons within the baby should be expelled, in cases of #3 the dead baby should be brought forth (and be raised to life by the power of God, as the Holy Spirit directs), in cases of #4, baby should be brought forth but the demons expelled, utilizing all the anicent weapons at ones disposal. Divine healing, in all the above cases, are in order.

I have witnessed these kinds of phenomena occuring and can be difficult to deal with but God is able. Hope this helps my brother in Christ.



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