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SuicideFuel I went on a date and fully realized how evil foids are.

About 2 weeks ago I got a match on tinder that I never expected to get. She was almost by exact type: petite Latina with good hips and smaller breasts. I didn’t realize until I got there that she and her friends recognized me from high school. Of course, I was a bullied outcast loner and was shocked anyone remembered me at all. I didn’t think of the implications until what happened today.

She seemed very receptive to me and we ate and talked a lot. I felt like a god walking around a mall with 3 super qt girls. It was just something normgroids do on a regular basis but it meant the world to me. At the end, she gave me a hug and said “text me” in a sweet voice I remember vividly. Again, heavenly to hear as incel.

I held out bluepilled hope. Over the weeks, her messages were dwindling in frequency. From being almost instantly messaged back, to being left on delivered for 1 hour, to being left on delivered for 2+ days at a time.

here’s the evil part - After being left on delivered for 4 days, she posts on her story “teehee going to [redacted] with these guys xd” or something like that. She was sitting next to a guy who mogged me into the underworld. Another post with her leaning on his shoulder with her hand in his hair. I message once again asking if it was over between us. She replies back, with a picture of the both of them, SMILING, and says “yes :)”.

that was a level of sadistic brutality that I never would have put her on for. Needless to say, I feel entirely worthless and I am currently drunk and my .40 sounds really tasty right now. It only occurred to me, that since they all knew me from the same high school, that she only invited me out to make fun of me. It was all just a cruel joke to them.

I am totally defeated and resigned to abject despondence now. No coping this time. Hold me bros



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