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During the Sept. 20, 2023 episode of his Rumble show, Nightly Offensive, ex-BlazeTV host Elijah Schaffer went on a rant[…]
During the last segment of his show, Elijah Schaffer played an out-of-context clip of then-Vice President Joe Biden in order to suggest that the white supremacist “Great Replacement” conspiracy is real[…]
After playing the clip, Schaffer complained about people who “don’t think America has a culture,” and said this phenomenon was “related to white guilt.” Schaffer said that America actually does have its own culture and that it “derives from European classicalism,” adding that “White society is amazing”

“And a lot of this is just anti-whiteism,” Schaffer said. “It’s extermination of white people. And that’s what this is about: to create a more subservient class. Well, a lot of white people are at the source of a lot of the world’s problems as well, right? There’s a lot of white people, a lot of Jewish people. There’s a lot of real disgusting liberals. I think there’s demons involved too”

Schaffer went on to say that, “they’re not going to exterminate all the white people, yet — or right now” but that “what they’re doing is essentially extermination of white people.” As for who “they” are in this scenario, he noted that “people will just blame the Jews” and said, “Maybe. I don’t know. I haven’t looked into it enough”

Schaffer then went on a tangent in which he denounced women’s suffrage and the existence of HR departments

“But also ‘I don’t get the problem with women voting. Women working, what’s wrong with that?’ Uh, HR departments?” Schaffer said. “HR departments were meant to ruin strong men who pioneered great paths through bogus accusations — even some of them true. But just to get men in trouble for being men and to create useless jobs for women”



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