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[Blackpill] My Roommate Treats His Girlfriend Like Absolute Shit and She Still Stays With Him

My Chadlite roommate with hunter eyes treats his girlfriend like complete garbage calling her a whore, a slut, stupid, fuckface, etc. Despite all of this, she is still deeply attracted to him cuz of his looks and she’ll come over on call to hop on his dick anytime he wants and she always enjoys it to. JFL at anyone who ever said a good personality and respecting women gets you laid. This guy treats his girlfriend like absolute shit and she’s still deeply attracted to him and willing to have sex with him

Because he dumpster dived for a low self esteem ethnic landwhale, I don’t think his looksmatch would put up with that

Tbh. If you mog the girl hard enough in looks/money/status, she will put up with a lot to still be with you



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