Webkilla and Long Tom #wingnut #conspiracy tapatalk.com

Webkilla: So... Trump was found guilty on all charges. should be the easiest appeals case ever to overturn - question is how long the appeals court will drag it out, if its as crooked as the judge that presided over the case was

Long Tom: Other political figures were indicted and convicted on fake charges, only for them to be overturned.

Webkilla: its the first president but ya, lets see how muc of this sticks - and how much of this he can get overturned on appeal.
... I mean, with the timing of this its OBVIOUSLY meant to just interfere with his ability to campaign

Long Tom: Oliver North and Lyn Nofziger were two Reagan administration officials convicted on dubious charges which were reversed on appeal. Yes, innocent people in prison in America is not a rarity. Gary Dotson was convicted for a rape he never committed, and it took a lot of rigmarole before he was finally exonerated and released.

Webkilla and Long Tom #wingnut #conspiracy tapatalk.com

Webkilla: So... the January 6th commision has supposedly found "convincing" evidence that Trump wanted to use the riot there as a coup.
Pure BS of course - but the real interesting thing will be if the commision can somehow manage to indict Trump to the point that he can't run for president again. The shitshow that will cause... I mean, the dems already got another republican frontrunner (for a governor position) arrested on charges related to the riot. It seems like they're using this as an excuse to politically terminate any potential future opponents. All that's missing is them somehow also roping the florida governor into this

Long Tom: They already impeached Trump twice on phony charges. And there is simply no Republican with any more prestige right now than Trump has.

Webkilla: perhaps - but considering the landslide victory the republicans are set up to get next election, then I don't think the dems care. They want to eliminate any rep they consider a political threat, anyone who wont play ball and submit to them.
...plus the dems would probably consider it a massive "victory" for their cult mentality if they could somehow exclude Trump from future elections

Long Tom: And they're failing over and over again. No coincidence the Jan. 6 hearings are being held near election time. Never mind that Jan. 6 is as much as dated for Americans as Twilight or Teen Wolf, and the media's attempt to make a big hoo-hah over Stormy Daniels completely flopped.

Webkilla: of course - gotta keep the electorate frightened and easy to influence