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Despite his very low poll ratings and very advanced age, I predict he will win his party’s nomination. RFK Jr. may be his biggest competition, but like Bernie Sanders, those controlling the Democrat Party will rig the primaries against him. Joe won’t even have to debate. He certainly won’t participate in a debate against Trump once he gets his party’s nomination. Joe will spend a lot of time away from interviews and press conferences. In other words, he’ll once again be spending time in his Delaware beach house basement awaiting his coronation. This is Joe Biden’s version of ‘democracy.’

We all know how unpopular Joe is. He was long known as the stupidest senator in Congress. Nothing has changed. He wasn’t popular during his earlier presidential runs—including his run in 2020. He scored low in the polls and in the Democrat primaries. He stumbled in the debates. Then, lo and behold, he miraculously began winning primaries. The powers behind the scenes decided an old, lying criminal was their man. He could be controlled. Despite his obvious mental decline, Joe Biden won the presidential election. To be more precise, the election was stolen from Donald Trump and handed to Biden.

The template has been laid out again. The oligarchs want Biden despite his persistent mental decline. Actually, they are enjoying inflicting their pedophile criminal with dementia upon the American people. They hate America and want to see its destruction. It’s necessary for the ‘great reset.’ Biden is necessary to bring about our demoralization and despair. They want us to accept ridiculous things such as ’trans’ and ‘equity.’ They want us to accept absurd leaders such as Biden and Harris. Now that Dominion won its case against Fox, they will have hundreds of millions more to advance their cause. I have not seen much in the way of election reform. The election fraudsters got away with it the last time and are now even more emboldened.

Yes, I’m saying Biden will have the 2024 election stolen for him. Again.The octogenarian will be 86 years by the end of his second term. By that time, America’s destruction should be complete.

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The truth is, the earth is flat and stationary/non-moving (video proof from independent people: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OfbwhU5PQk). Why are the world's oceans perfectly horizontal and FLAT? We don't live on a fake ball earth spinning at a supersonic speed of over 1000 mph. NASA flood the internet and mainstream media with CGI images of a fake ball earth. We never went to infinite space, it doesn't exists. We never went to the Moon, and we never went to Mars, because they are NOT solid objects, they are celestial lights. Why can't we freely explore Antarctica and the North Pole? Because they don't want us to discover that there is more unexplored land that they never told us about in school (video proof from independent people: https://i.imgur.com/8nVlHKA.jpg)

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Tucker Carlson released January 6th footage which revealed the so-called ‘insurrection’ was not an insurrection at all.

It was largely a peaceful protest. The Trump supporters who entered the Capitol Dome that day arrived to protest a stolen presidential election. They mostly marched in orderly fashion and some even received help from the police. One protestor known as the ‘Q Shaman’ was accompanied by the police who acted as ‘tour guides.’ Compare the peaceful and unarmed January 6 protest to the violent, destructive conflagrations put on by Antifa and we find there is big difference. Antifa is a Marxist outfit and the Democrats made sure they got away with their crimes.

You might wonder why the horn-wearing Shaman and Trump supporter, Jacob Chansley, plead guilty on the insurrection charges. The answer is simple. The Democrat prosecutors probably threatened him with 20 years for something such as threatening to kill Mike Pence (which he certainly did not do). Chansley settled for nearly 4 years in prison, which is grossly unfair because he lacked the exculpatory video evidence to which he and all the J6 protestors were entitled.

Many Trump supporters were arrested for simply walking on Capitol grounds. They were welcomed there by FBI operatives. Doors were opened for them. For that, many hundreds were sent to prison—including a hell hole prison in Washington D.C. where they were denied due process and brutally beaten by guards who were trained to despise the MAGA-minded. The patriots who received long prison sentences should be considered political prisoners.

Carlson proved what we already knew: That the January 6th Select Committee was incredibly biased and anti-Trump. They cherry-picked footage and hired a movie director to put together clips that seemed to prove their drummed-up charges of a Trump-led insurrection.

It was all lies.

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On Sundays, many Americans gather to worship God as a family of believers.

But for CBS Broadcasting Inc., Sunday is a time to bring debauchery and Satanic worship to the world.

On Sunday, February 5, the 65th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony aired on the CBS network. Originally designed to recognize outstanding artists in the music industry, this year’s Grammy ceremony achieved quite the opposite with its open recognition and worship of Satan.

One of the night’s most disturbing displays featured a demonic performance by entertainers Sam Smith, who claims to be non-binary, and Kim Petras, who claims to be transgender. These two gave the nation a Satan-themed rendition of their song “Unholy,” in which Petras performed inside a cage with drag queen dancers dressed in scanty devil outfits and sporting whips. Simultaneously, Smith gyrated in a costume featuring devil horns protruding from a top hat with his own similarly red-robed, demonic-looking dancers. These gyrating dancers surrounded Smith in the performance’s finale, pretending to devour and eat him like a pack of wild animals.

The entire Satan-filled performance was pure evil, and it is obvious who Hollywood worships.

CBS admitted as much in a network reply to Sam Smith’s pre-ceremony Tweet in which the singer shared a rehearsal photo wearing satanic horns. With an added devil emoji, Smith tweeted, “This is going to be SPECIAL. #GRAMMYs.”

Ironically, CBS has since deleted the network’s reply to Smith: “… you can say that again. We are ready to worship!”

CBS has no concern about souls celebrating Satan. The entire ‘performance’ depicted a hellish scene with lots of darkness, blood-red colors, and flames of fire.

The pro-LGBTQ Grammy ceremony aired during primetime when teens would likely watch and be exposed to this desensitization. But this terribly dark and sexually immoral performance wasn’t appropriate for an audience of any age.

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Some angry psycho haters attack Family Friendly Gaming, me, and or my mission or family. They probably have no idea how much that powers me up. It charges me up. I am so empowered when the angry psycho haters attack us for being obedient to God. They must think their threats, and hatred will make us cower and follow them in their disobedient to God ways. Instead it makes me feel wonderful. I know that I am getting under the devil's skin because he sent his minions to try and force us into disobedience against God. We struck a nerve, and hit a chord.

The Holy Bible is clear that when we faithfully obey God we will face persecution. Whether it is some radical activist or someone high up in a video game company, we accept the reality that we are storing up treasures in heaven while they are storing up pain and suffering in hell. I would prefer they do the right thing. I would prefer they repent and turn from their evil ways. I would prefer they freely choose to be obedient to God. Their threats, and discrimination do not stop us from being obedient to God. The opposite happens. We stand up even more for God. Their attacks backfire and only make them look bad.

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It's okay to be mean to [Zoomers], especially the girls, because they need to be toughed up a little bit, and a few tears will do that; must make those pathetic girly girls with their pink bedrooms into stronger, more independent women. If they walk two footsteps into the road walking home from school, remember that blowing the horn at them and yelling "stupid cunt!" at them is good for them!

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Many parents have already found out that Disney Junior is no longer safe for young children. Now, Disney’s animated series Firebuds has added a same-sex couple to the program. One of the main characters, Violet, has two moms in the Vega-Vaughn family.

The creator of the show, Craig Gerber, tweeted, “After I sold the #firebuds pitch, my 1st detailed show overview included Violet’s 2 moms. Disney gave us 100% full support from day one. Thrilled to be making an inclusive show that reflects the diverse world we live in w/folks who care as much as I do.”

This isn’t the first time a same-sex couple has appeared on Disney Junior. In 2017, two lesbian moms were included in the Doc McStuffins episode titled “Emergency Plan.”

Conservative families will continue to have no choice but to stop watching the Disney Channel network or Disney+ in their homes so they can avoid previews, commercials, and reruns. Families will be unable to allow Disney in their homes since the network continually veers away from family-friendly content.

1MM is so concerned with the normalization of a sinful lifestyle choice during a children’s animated show designed for preschoolers. This type of sexuality should never be included in a children’s cartoon, much less praised.

Discussion of such controversial topics should be left up to parents. Disney should not introduce this information to young children. Therefore, Disney should stick to entertaining and providing family-friendly programming instead of pushing an agenda.

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We all made it though another year of the clown world insanity of the Biden Regime. Congratulations to everyone on surviving what was a pretty tough year for a lot of people, but you made it. Our faith, will power and shear determination carried us through the tough times and to a new beginning.

2023 is going to be a historic year with world shaking changes that will at last wake humanity up across the United States and the world.

Truth will be told and lies will be exposed.

People will realize what has happened to us over the last 100 years and see who needs to be held accountable. We, the people, will come together. Unity and truth will destroy the globalist cabal and the puppet masters.
America will become energy independent, Trump did it before and can do it again.

The Green New Deal narrative is being exposed as a fraud, a means for total control over the masses. Only the green cult members will still believe in the hoax, the majority will not.

The Trump 2024 campaign will continue to snowball with bigger rallies and a larger reach to eager audiences.

Biden will go down as the worst president in American history, destroying the Democrat party and the RINOs along with him.

Ukraine will be revealed as the most corrupt country in the world and Zelensky will be exposed as just a puppet playing his role as a begger for the money laundering globalist tyrants.

The DC Swamp levels are draining, slower than we want, but are draining. Drip, drip, flood as the Twitter Files continue to reveal the mind staggering corruption and censorship of the DC Cabal.

Once again it’s been proven ‘walls work’ and the wall will be finished and so will be Biden and his open borders.

The January 6th protesters will be freed and pardoned as they did no wrong. Ray Epps will be exposed as a FED plant to entrap Trump supporters.

Mar-A-Lago will become the ‘southern White House’ as ‘normies’ slowly realize, Trump won.

America will awaken and so will the entire world.

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It's absolutely disgusting and so disrespectful how they use the words almighty and then made the creator a pokemon that you can actually see, fight, and catch. So much hidden messages in what is supposed to be an innocent game, we all grew on loving pokemon and everything about it. But this is just a new low disgusting atheist approach they are using to pass messages to youth and kids about the myths of beliefs, gods existence and they use them in a very sinister way in the game that is hard to ignore. Why do you have to force your disgusting atheist ideologies in an innocent game.

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Alerting all parents!

One Million Moms needs your help to make sure as many people as possible are aware of Disney pushing the LGBTQ agenda on families, particularly children, in the upcoming animated movie Strange World, set to hit theaters on Wednesday, November 23.

Disney is no longer being discrete, but now Disney has traded its subtlety for intentionality.

Strange World is a film about a family of explorers traveling to a new and bizarre land.

In one scene, the character Ethan flirts with a boy named Diazo in front of his friends, who tease him in a friendly and warm-hearted way.

His father, Searcher Clade, later joins in and embarrasses him in “an overeager show of acceptance,” according to a scene description by Variety.

The scene portrays the son as being very shy in front of his boy crush, and his dad comes in and says, “So nice to meet you! My son talks about you all the time,” further embarrassing his son.

Obviously, this part of the movie is a nod to inclusivity, along with a blatant attempt by Disney to normalize a same-sex crush.

CBN News reported that right after Florida passed its controversial Parental Rights in Education Act in late March, Disney CEO Bob Chapek promised to be “a better ally for the LGBTQ+ community.” Likewise, Karey Burke, president of general entertainment for Disney, declared that she hoped to see “many, many, many LGBTQIA characters” in all genres of Disney entertainment.

The Disney that parents knew as children is long gone. Disney has now decided to be politically correct instead of providing family-friendly programming. But Disney should stick to entertaining, not pushing an agenda.

Please share this with your friends and family to make sure they are aware of the gay teen romance in Strange World and are not blindsided by it. As moms, we all want to know when Disney is attempting to desensitize our children by normalizing the LGBTQ lifestyle.

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Arizona voters must feel a bit hen pecked. Their Republican ballots got scrambled up and turned into a Democrat omelette. The Marxist chickens of a feather stick together and they stole another election. To them, the ends justify the means.

Democrat Katie Hobbs was elected Arizona governor after a week-long drag out of vote counting. Such a long delay was a sure sign of fraud. Hobbs was Secretary of State and in charge of Arizona’s election. It was like allowing a fox to run a henhouse. She did not recuse herself and she was even seen on the vote counting floor. No doubt she was directing the cheat.

America has become a 3rd-world banana republic and the midterms are just another example of the corruption. Widespread mail-in balloting invites fraud, and that’s egg-zactly what we saw. Ballot harvesters were able to make sure the reluctant voted. Democrat operatives filled out the ballots themselves if necessary. Dead people voted. Those who had moved out of state voted. People residing in vacant lots voted. Counted votes were mixed with uncounted votes, thus inviting double counts for double dealing Democrats. Republican votes were no doubt lost or changed. Arizona has egg on its face.

The question is, what can we do about it? Anyone who complains will be promptly smeared as an ‘election denier.’ They will be said to be against ‘democracy.’ In other words, the Democrats blatantly stole elections again and accuse anyone who objects to their criminality as being unAmerican.

Nothing was done when the election was stolen from Trump. The voting machines are still there and so are the mail-in ballots, the drop boxes, and the dirty tricks in the counting rooms. We may as well let Red China do the voting.

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Alerting parents!

Many parents have found the prominent animated children’s program Peppa Pig to be a clean show; One Million Moms has recently found this to be no longer true. Peppa Pig has added a same-sex polar bear couple to the program.

Hasbro acquired the Peppa Pig cartoon in 2019 through its independent eOne entertainment studio, but in its 18-year history, this is the first time a same-sex couple has appeared in the animated series.

A Care2.com petition with over 23,000 signatures demanded the inclusion of a gay couple in the children’s program.

“Children of same-sex parents may feel alienated by Peppa Pig, and other children may be more likely to bully them, simply through ignorance,” stated the Care2.com petition. “Peppa Pig is not just for entertainment; children are inevitably learning from it too.”

Yes, children learn from programming content. That is why 1MM is so concerned with the normalization of a sinful lifestyle choice during a children’s show. This type of sexuality should never be included in a cartoon designed for children, much less praised. It is especially distressing since this popular children’s program is viewed in 180 countries.

In the Peppa Pig episode titled “Families,” a polar bear cub speaks about her lesbian parents to her class.

"I’m Penny Polar Bear. I live with my mommy and my other mommy,” the cartoon character explains to her classmates. “One mommy is a doctor, and one mommy cooks spaghetti. I love spaghetti.”

So, beware! Peppa Pig is now boldly glorifying gay marriage. Discussion of such controversial topics should be left up to parents. Hasbro should not introduce this information to young children. Even though the LGBTQ lifestyle is legally and culturally accepted, it still is immoral. Therefore, Hasbro should stick to entertaining and providing family-friendly programming instead of pushing an agenda.

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This notion of building children up with self-esteem who become adults with self-esteem of their own doing keeps many far from the Gospel. Children need to be taught that their worth comes from Christ alone. Everything else is meaningless. They are sinners in need of a Savior.

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1. Evolutionists say that dinosaur 🦕 evolve from pig. This is stupid pig is a mammals

2. Evolurionisr say that whale are mammal and there troat is snall. This id bulldhit😒 according to the Bible❤ whale is a fish all animals in the water are fish and whale can eat any thing bigger them selves

3. Evolutionist say that monkey through shit💩 to evolve to be a human. Wow these evolutionist is disgusting

4. Carbon dating dont exist. Uranium is all made up pls wake up.

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Christians and conservatives treated like third class citizens all over the place. President Biden and his people making inflation skyrocket while they dismantle our energy independence. The Democrats wielding the US Government against their political rivals. The swamp of corruption coming back in force and punishing anyone who believes in freedom. The FBI raiding an ex-president for the same thing Hillary Clinton got away with. Criminals being let back out on the streets to rape and murder even more people. The rule of law being ignored. Invasion at the southern border.


Remember the pendulum swings back. There will be investigations into the government corruption. The people doing horrible things will face punishment at some point in the future. If they get away with it on Earth they must face God's judgement. I believe in leaving it to God. God will take care of the evil, vile, and wicked. That does not mean we will sit here silently while they try and ruin the world. We will still speak up and speak out. We will do nothing to punish them for their choice to rebel against God. We will encourage them to repent and turn from their evil ways. We will pray for them. We will point them to God.


Our first citizenship is in the kingdom of Heaven. If God allows evil people to destroy America, and destroy the world then we have to acknowledge that this is not our eternal home. We have hope in Jesus Christ. We have hope in his return. Perspective is very important. Everything in human life is transient. This is just a way station we are in for a short time. Our eternal home is in the place Jesus is preparing for us. I applaud everyone who stands up to the corruption in the government. We have stood up multiple times. We continue to stand up. We face all kinds of hateful attacks for doing so. We will continue to obey God. We refuse to join in rebellion against God. We are on the winning side in the end.

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“This meme about Russia being a free country is a joke”, Moon writes on Telegram, seemingly only realising this now, before moving onto laying the blame for Kiwi Farm’s demise at everyone except its own toxic, criminal and reprehensible community:

“This is an organized attack. There is a coalition of criminals trying to frame the forum for their behavior. These criminals provide opportunities for professional victims to amplify their message. Journalists canonize the crimes as the behavior of the forum itself, which becomes the effective truth for the general public.

This is a machine that was built up formerly against 8chan and activates any time the cathedral wants to test the new fronts of its censorship. It is a massive amalgamation of various interests. I am one person. The financial limitations aren’t even the real problem - the problem is, I am powerless alone. There is no amount of money I can throw to convince people to be brave and be free. This is just the reality of our country.

And what this machine will not accept is compromise. If I censored specific kinds of behavior, it would not matter. They don’t want a specific thing censored. They want the average person to be able to speak in channels where only specific thoughts are acceptable.

More importantly, they want to make it so that no small organization can host a service which threatens the cathedral. It used to be that one guy with a good idea could open a platform and be a Tom Anderson, Mark Zuckerberg, Tom Fulp, Christopher Poole, or Richard Kyanka. Take note these names are all from 10+ years ago. There are no new groundbreakers online anymore because breaking ground in the new Internet’s corporate parking lot is not allowed.

I do not see a situation where the Kiwi Farms is simply allowed to operate. It will either become a fractured shell of itself, like 8chan, or jump between hosts and domain names like Daily Stormer.”

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A man identified by two law enforcement sources as Ricky Shiffer, who died in a confrontation with police after he fired a nail gun at a Cincinnati FBI building, appeared to post online in recent days about his desire to kill FBI agents shortly after former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence was searched.

Two law enforcement officials confirmed Shiffer’s name. Shiffer was at the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, 2021, according to three people aiding law enforcement who saw him in photos taken from the day of the attack; however, it’s unclear whether he went inside the building. Shiffer frequently posted about his attendance at the Capitol on social media.

On Truth Social, a social media platform founded by Trump’s media company, Trump Media & Technology Group, Shiffer appeared to have posted a message detailing his failed attempt to gain entry to the FBI building.

“Well, I thought I had a way through bullet proof glass, and I didn’t. If you don’t hear from me, it is true I tried attacking the F.B.I., and it’ll mean either I was taken off the internet, the F.B.I. got me, or they sent the regular cops while,” the account @RickyWShifferJr wrote at 9:29 a.m. ET, shortly after police allege the shooting occurred.

Shiffer posted to Truth Social multiple times in the days after the FBI searched Trump’s residence in Palm Beach, Florida, about wanting to engage in violence. One post called for people to arm themselves and be ready for “combat.” After another user responded that his photo and information had been forwarded to the FBI, Shiffer’s account responded: “Bring them on."

In response to another user who asked whether Shiffer was advocating for terrorism, Shiffer’s account responded that users should kill FBI agents “on sight” and also target a vague list of enemies who try to stop the slayings. In reply to another user Tuesday, the account responded, “You’re a fool if you think there’s a nonviolent solution.”

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Webkilla: So... the January 6th commision has supposedly found "convincing" evidence that Trump wanted to use the riot there as a coup.
Pure BS of course - but the real interesting thing will be if the commision can somehow manage to indict Trump to the point that he can't run for president again. The shitshow that will cause... I mean, the dems already got another republican frontrunner (for a governor position) arrested on charges related to the riot. It seems like they're using this as an excuse to politically terminate any potential future opponents. All that's missing is them somehow also roping the florida governor into this

Long Tom: They already impeached Trump twice on phony charges. And there is simply no Republican with any more prestige right now than Trump has.

Webkilla: perhaps - but considering the landslide victory the republicans are set up to get next election, then I don't think the dems care. They want to eliminate any rep they consider a political threat, anyone who wont play ball and submit to them.
...plus the dems would probably consider it a massive "victory" for their cult mentality if they could somehow exclude Trump from future elections

Long Tom: And they're failing over and over again. No coincidence the Jan. 6 hearings are being held near election time. Never mind that Jan. 6 is as much as dated for Americans as Twilight or Teen Wolf, and the media's attempt to make a big hoo-hah over Stormy Daniels completely flopped.

Webkilla: of course - gotta keep the electorate frightened and easy to influence

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It astounds me that the more we talk about pointing people to God the more the forces of Satan attack us. We have been upgrading a plethora of things here at Family Friendly Gaming as we have been attacked from a variety of angles. Hackers trying to destroy our YouTube channel, email, and more. Haters falsely accusing us of things to authority areas to get us blocked and banned. Do they get joy out of being so evil? How do they sleep at night knowing they are openly serving Satan? Does it make them feel good to try and destroy what others have created and built up?

My reaction to these attacks might surprise you. I feel bad for the people doing these evil, vile, and wicked things. I feel pity and sympathy for those who are not capable of creating anything. I cannot comprehend their desire to destroy and ruin. We fix the damage these evil people create, we shake off the dust from our cloaks as a testament against them and we go right back to doing God’s will for our lives. I am not angry at them. I do not hate them. I want them to turn from their evil, vile, and wicked ways. I want them to embrace the light we are shining. I want them to repent of their evil ways and turn to God. I want them to embrace obedience to God out of their own free will.

If they are expecting some rant and rave about them they failed. This article is the one public response they are receiving. This is more about letting you know the vicious hate filled attacks we experience from those who claim to celebrate and tolerate diversity. They instead lie, steal, and destroy. I set the record straight and expose their evil deeds to the entire world. God will judge them. God will punish them. I will do nothing against them. I am way too busy doing God’s will and making this a better world to live in. I comprehend they fear that. I comprehend these haters are cowards. I understand that their hateful attacks are an attempt to silence us. I understand that these criminals are self-centered, and self-absorbed. I also understand they are openly serving Satan. They hate us because we choose to obey God. Their attacks will not stop us from obeying God.

Skewed Priorities Award

Rationalconservative #wingnut #transphobia #psycho rationalwiki.org

Rationalwiki article: StoneToss trying to paint transgender individuals as having a high rate of suicide. The "40%" statistic refers to a 2015 study by the National Center for Transgender Equality that found that approximately 40% of trans people have attempted suicide at some point in their lives.

Rationalconservative’s addition: Hopefully 40% becomes 100%

Heru Sankofa #wingnut #conspiracy conflictingviews.wordpress.com

I think at this point, we can all agree that Biden is the absolute worst president of the current generation. He is the cause of hyper inflation, mentored by a literal grand cyclops of the KKK, wrote the damn mass incarceration law back in the 90s, constantly insults the intelligence of his voter base (they deserve it), lets in swarms of immigrants with reckless abandon, had a disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, lied about his support for the narc as well as it’s effectiveness, threatened people’s jobs over the narc UNLESS they’re illegals, implemented censorship practices to protect big pharma as a result, and keeps talking all this shit about how he’s gonna kick the asses of the world even when he’s turning the country into China. There’s a longer list of shit he’s pulled, but we’ll be at this all day if we had to run it down. Biden is without question a notoriously duplicitous shitbird, and he’d do all of us a favor if he vacated the Oval Office right this second.

Paul Bury #fundie #wingnut #conspiracy familyfriendlygaming.com

We are seeing more crack down from the political left controlled and run tech sites against what they define as misinformation. In many cases the information being presented is accurate and true. It just goes against the radical far left narratives. The political left controlled and run tech sites are bragging about blocking and banning voices they disagree with. This is leading to more growth on the new tech sites that support free speech, and honest discourse. At the same time it is really scary because none of us knows when they will be next.

The redefiners are going full tilt to redefine anything and everything to go after people they disagree with. The redefiners will redefine anything said and try and get rid of everyone they do not like. If you have any success they will try and have you removed. We have been lied about before on these sites. We have been attacked and had massive success deleted before. The angry, psycho haters who are constantly trying to tear down and destroy do not stop lying, and redefining. They want to destroy just like their father Satan. We continue to stand up and stand firm for what is right. We continue to point people to God and obedience. They will come for us as they have come for others.

Ben Garrison #psycho #conspiracy #wingnut grrrgraphics.com

Last year on this day I watched a large crowd of Trump supporters walk into the Capitol Dome. My reaction? I was happy to see it. After all, the presidential election had just been stolen by the Socialist Democrats for a demented stooge named Joe Biden and nothing was done about it. Why not directly show our representatives that we were angry?
As it turned out, the dome breach was arranged to happen by the Socialist Democrats and a corrupt FBI. Pelosi made sure the Capitol was left unprotected. Barriers were taken down. FBI agents were everywhere. One of their operatives, Ray Epps, repeatedly yelled at Trump supporters and urged them carry their protests inside the Capitol building itself. Later, those who entered the building were thrown into a Washington D.C. prison to suffer heinous conditions and solitary confinement without bail or trail. That’s what socialists such as Pelosi do—they punish their enemies with prison torture and gulags.
Pelosi’s hatred for Trump has long been obvious. She presided over impeachment proceedings based on zero evidence and she shamelessly tore up President Trump’s State Of The Union speech. Her goal now is to prevent Trump from running again. This is Biden’s goal too when he feigns anger about the protest. Biden promised to unite the country, but he’s a colossal liar. He’s done nothing but create deeper division. Joementia could pardon all involved, but he doesn’t want wounds to heal. He wants to salt those wounds.
The Socialist Democrats continue to make the January 6 ‘riot’ equal to 9-11 or Pearl Harbor, but it was only a protest and most Americans don’t see it as anything too momentous. Shame on those Republicans who are also calling it an ‘insurrection.’ There was no insurrection. Nobody was armed except for armed government operatives. One of them murdered Ashli Babbitt.

Disgruntled Trump fanboy #wingnut #conspiracy #psycho rationalwiki.org


> Claims to be rational

> Clear Orange Man Bad mentality all up and down Trump's "article".

Hit piece is more like it. The mental gymnastics the editors here do is astounding. I don't really care whether or not you ban me. You probably will, because any criticisms hurts your fee-fees. When the shit hits the fan, you're all going to be the first to lined up against the wall, "comrades".

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I went shoe shopping with Noah recently. This is the first time I have gone shoe shopping with him for some time. He wanted to go to the mall. On the third of five stores we went to there was an interesting scene that played out for us. This shoe store was blasting some rap music. I have no clue who the rapper is or if he is even still alive. This rapper kept using the N-WORD over and over again in his song. There were all of these black people in this shoe store. Not one of them was bothered by the song, lyrics, or words. Yet if I started to sing along I would immediately be labelled a racist.

I did not sing along with this song. I noticed others in the store were. They were black and they are allowed to use that kind of language. The same language they tell us over and over again is so offensive to them. They are allowed to use words I am not allowed to us. They are given rights and privileges I am not given. Some of the people in that store were dancing to this song and that word. They were celebrating the word being used. Not one of them complained about hearing that word. Not one had an issue with that kind of language. I came away from the experience pretty confused. You are so offended by it that it makes you want to dance?

I had to ask for Noah to check on shoe sizes at this store. The workers were not very interested in helping us out. They wound up losing a sale. They are probably losing a lot of sales going forward. There were people using racial slurs against white people in a hate filled manner. It is not the kind of a place I want to go back to anytime soon. We finally did find Noah some shoes at a different store that let us self service. Meaning they had the sizes on the wall and we were able to try on the shoes. I left that whole experience pondering the question of those who claim they are so offended by a word they use, celebrate, and enjoying listening to. Is this another lie from the Democrat controlled media?

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The issues families can have with Alien Worlds Season 1 are violence, bad language, trusting aliens, and the controversial/highly divisive religious belief of evolution being taught. Technically all of Alien Worlds Season 1 is a sham. I felt like con artists were behind this show. The last episode shows a gentleman that believes there is alien life and we should contact it. He blames science fiction shows for people not wanting to invite aliens more advanced than ourselves here. He actually thinks they would fly all the way out here and want to help us. If he is wrong we get annihilated.

Alien Worlds Season 1 is not only really short but it constantly re-uses video clips over and over again in the same episodes. Netflix is really letting some garbage on their streaming service. Alien Worlds Season 1 is a great example of this. Where is the accountability for the radical brainwashing attempted in Alien Worlds Season 1? I guess that is what we are for. I did my part by watching and reviewing Alien Worlds Season 1.

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We had one angry hater loud mouthed activist demand we never talk about politics. With some research it was discovered this same complainer supported others making radical political statements on the political left. So they could not even be honest with their true request. They were in essence saying: "only radical highly divisive political speak from the left is allowed. Everything else must be silenced." Isn't that nice of them? What is next put us in concentration camps because we don't want to join them in rebellion against God? What is odd is people like that always claim to celebrate diversity. Yet when they are faced with real and true diversity they viciously attack it.

We kept as much politics out as often as possible. In fact the 2020 Presidential Election is the first time we ever endorsed a candidate running for office. Family Friendly Gaming started in 2005 in case you wondered. We did not do that for fifteen years. So I can see where some might want us to keep it that way. The problem is the political left is not leaving anyone alone. They are invading video games, sports, and more. They have been in entertainment for a long time. When video game developers are promoting radical far left political ideas we can't keep silent on it when we discuss those products. They opened the door. They put the content out there. We can't hide our lights in this dark world because too many are used to being in darkness and the light shocks them.

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Some time ago– Close to the start of this year, in fact– I succumbed to anxiety about my financial situation and to simple, cumulative lust and greed, and decided to try selling “adult” artwork under a second name. I posted artwork on and off on a couple of well-known sites under the synonym “Xanaduxxx”.

It took considerable time, but a little over a month or so ago I finally caved to my guilt and my conscience and repented of it in tears. I emptied the online archives, deleted the artwork from my computer, and posted a confession in the forums on this site, for anyone who had questions.

Well it seems that in the time my porn art was online it has done what the internet does and propagated to two or three other locations on the web. I’ve finally shored up my courage and willpower and sent Do Not Post requests to the sites in question, but I’ve no doubt there are samples of it floating about in the ether somewhere, online or in other people’s computers. And I am sure there are quite a number of vindictive people who would use this against me given the opportunity.

So now you know. I’m still struggling with the sin and the temptation, and probably always will. I only pray that Jesus will strengthen me to cast it off; I have prayed for His forgiveness, and I pray that you all will forgive me as well.

For those of you considering dipping your toe in that oh-so-lucrative(/sarcasm) field– it’s not worth it. Even if I’d made anything at it, it would not have been worth it. The promise of easy money and carnal indulgence is just bait on a hook. The Devil made a FOOL out of me, don’t let him do the same to you.

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One of the things I noticed about the radical extremist movement to try and redefine all aspects of our lives is they grant preferential treatment to certain groups. In the standard and traditional definition of culture, morals, ethics, words, institutions, history, mental health, and more there already are certain groups that are granted preferential treatment. Do you know who those people are? They are pastors, priests, policemen, mailmen, teachers, soldiers, businessmen, and more. Notice a pattern in that group of people? The radical extremists trying to redefine everything are attacking the majority of those groups. They can’t stay at the top when they are trying to promote different groups of people to the top.

The radical extremists trying to redefine everything have decided those that openly rebel against God and His system are the people to be promoted to preferential treatment. Those that are proud of their sinful lifestyle choices belong above everyone else. Are they trying to get our entire culture struck down by lightning? Thumbing your nose at God is not a wise course of action. Yet they do it and there are plenty that go along to get along. They don’t want to be falsely accused of a hate crime by obeying God. How did America get into this situation? A pastor in Canada was jailed for merely teaching the Holy Bible. How dare he practice his religious freedom! After all it is obvious that pastors in Canada are now lower class citizens than those that are proud of rebellion against God. How much longer until that same thing happens in America?

How long does Family Friendly Gaming have? The radical extremists trying to redefine everything will come after us eventually because we point people to God.

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I was at a local hospital recently and they demanded every single person wear a mask. Even if you have been vaccinated and only have a 5% chance of receiving or transmitting the Chinese COVID-19 virus. Even if you get the Chinese COVID-19 virus you have a 99.98% chance of surviving it. I immediately railed against their ignorance of science. I had not worn a mask in many months. I got vaccinated even though I question if I really needed to that. Plus when you run the numbers I acknowledged I did not really need to get vaccinated. I did and know the numbers are seriously on my side. The science is on my side. There are people and places that ignore reality, numbers and science. Why are they so insistent on masks?

I think masks have become the new blanket for some people. You know Linus from Peanuts right? He had to carry his blanket with him. It was a comfort thing for him. It was a security thing for him. I believe masks are a security blanket for some people. They feel safe and they want to impose that on everyone else. They don’t care about your rights or liberty. They are controlled by fear and have a belief that the masks are keeping them safe. I am writing this article from a waiting room in this hospital wearing a mask because I will be arrested if I don’t. I thought this was the land of the free. I thought we had liberty. I guess I was completely and totally wrong in those thoughts. I promised Yolanda I would not cause trouble otherwise this is a hill I might be willing to die on. Would that finally open some eyes? Would that finally wake up some sheep?

Monica Cole #fundie #conspiracy #transphobia onemillionmoms.com

Just when you think you have seen it all, Eli Lilly and Company, a pharmaceutical company, launches an ad campaign titled “Lilly – A Medicine Company.” The theme of the campaign is to promote equality – across all races, genders, socioeconomic backgrounds, etc. – when it comes to accessing and utilizing medicine and health care. It’s tagline: “We make medicine, not just for some, but for everyone.”

While there are a number of concerning elements in the commercial, including a transgender man wearing flashy makeup, one of the most heartbreaking and confusing parts of the ad is this statement: “Because the body you are randomly assigned at birth shouldn’t determine how well you are cared for.” This voice-over is heard while showing a woman with double mastectomy scars wearing an open robe and identifying as a man.

Can you imagine what goes through the mind of a child when he or she sees this ad?

Lilly chose to air this commercial knowing it would be controversial. We all know children imitate what they see and repeat what they hear. Lilly should be ashamed!

Lilly is going to push away customers if it continues advertising in a repulsive manner that offends parents. Lilly needs to know that parents do not approve of this advertising tactic.

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We are definitely in the minority when it comes to viewpoint, perspective and focus. There have been haters throughout the years that thought we must be a joke because we do not go with the radicals on the far left. Those haters had never been exposed to anyone who was diverse from them. We helped educate them, broaden their horizons, and expose their narrow views. There have been plenty within the PR and Marketing field that have embraced the diversity Family Friendly Gaming brings to the video game industry and video game media. On the opposite side of the coin there have been those in video game companies, video game media outlets, PR and Marketing that despise the diversity Family Friendly Gaming brings. They want us gone because we point people to God. They want us gone because we are not part of the bought off gaming media. They want to destroy us because we bring up concepts, thoughts, and ideas that they want to hide or gloss over. I expect this. There have even been readers expressing venomous hatred over the years. The death threats went a bit too far in my opinion. I disagree with a plethora of people in the industry. I don't threaten them because they have a different viewpoint. Live and let live is a concept some people need to embrace going forward. It is astounding how many in the video game industry and video game media are proud of being rebellious, disrespectful, hateful, and mean toward God and His people.

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I completely understand the masses leaving professional sports in terms of viewership based upon the extreme radical political left propaganda and lies being spewed over and over again. I stopped watching some channels because of this myself. Many of us expect none of that garbage to be constantly spewed over and over again.

I found myself extremely fascinated by Tim Tebow coming back to football. I wish him all of the success in the world on the Jacksonville Jaguars. He can’t make them any worse than they were last year. I noticed something from the super majority of radical far leftist sports media talking heads. These people were being very negative and judgmental about Tim Tebow. Their attacks ranged from claiming he only got this shot because of his race, to he did not deserve a shot in the NFL. Did I miss something? Does the judgemental sports media get to decide who does and does not get hired? When did this happen? When did they become the rulers over sports? I never consented to give them that power and authority. Did you?

There have been plenty of complaints about discrimination against Christians in sports, media, and entertainment. We have experienced that discrimination ourselves here at Family Friendly Gaming. In my professional opinion the hatefulness from the radical far leftists in sports media against Tim Tebow is because they hate Christians.

Virginia C. Brown #quack #conspiracy #psycho huffpost.com

An east Tennessee woman has been charged with seven counts of felony reckless endangerment after allegedly driving her car through a COVID-19 vaccination site as an apparent protest against the vaccine.

Members of the Blount County Sheriff’s Office arrested Virginia C. Brown on Monday morning after deputies working at the site saw her drive an SUV through a closed cone course and into an enclosed tent where several health department and national guard personnel were working, according to WSMV TV.

Workers at the tent told officers that Brown’s vehicle almost hit seven people in the tent, according to the Blount County Daily Times.

Witnesses said Brown yelled “no vaccine” during her ride, and several witnesses told deputies they thought that the driver was going to kill them, according to a sheriff’s report.

A deputy who witnessed the incident eventually performed a traffic stop on Brown, WVLT TV reported. He arrested her and drove her to the Blount County Detention Facility. She continued making anti-vaccine statements on the way to the facility.

Brown claimed she was only going five miles an hour. The sheriff’s office said she drove her car through the tent at a “high speed.”

Pastor Andrew Wommack #fundie #wingnut #homophobia #transphobia rightwingwatch.org

Homosexuals have like three times as much suicide as heterosexuals, and then you go into transgenders, and it just continues to go up. It’s a very destructive lifestyle. They have 20 years less that the homosexual lives than a heterosexual. And, you know, cigarettes take an average of seven years off of a person’s life, so homosexuality is three times worse than smoking. We ought to put a label across their forehead: “This can be hazardous to your health”.

Paul Bury #fundie #conspiracy #wingnut familyfriendlygaming.com

I noticed the political left just keeps marching forward lock, step and barrel with their radical agenda. They embrace rebellion against God. They embrace making more and more people miserable. They embrace tearing Americans apart. They embrace constantly moving the goal posts. They embrace hatred, venom, bile, evil, and wickedness. They embrace lies and deceit. They keep moving forward with their agenda.

It is time for those of us who obey God to keep moving forward with true morals, ethics, definitions, and history. It is time for those of us who comprehend that fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom to band together to help one another. It is time for those of who honor and revere God to shine even brighter in this darkening world. Satan is on the march. Satan is marshalling his forces to do as much damage and destruction as he can. We can’t just sit by and watch. We can’t do nothing while evil continues to move culture and society farther away from God. We need to stand up, speak up, and show that we believe in doing the right thing. We must band as one in doing what is holy, just, and loving.

I am not all words either. I have already been doing this myself. This goes from seeking out like minded companies and inviting them into our advertising family, to purchase products from fellow believers. I am constantly looking for ways to support brothers and sisters in Christ. My hope and prayer is they will have the same heart and same desire. The more ad revenue we bring in the more fellow Christian and conservative companies we can support. My goal is to grow this on a near daily basis. Those rebelling against God are united and working together. If we don’t unite under God’s flag we will find ourselves being picked off one at a time. This is exactly what the cancel culture has been doing. I strongly encourage every single Christian to support one another. Not just in word but in deed as well.

Monica Cole #fundie #conspiracy onemillionmoms.com

Season 3 of Netflix’s animated series about small-town cops, Paradise P.D., features a homicidal Jesus portrayed as a maniac. After climbing down off the cross and using two machine guns to mow down his enemies, Jesus is approached by two bikini-clad women. The three then disappear from the screen. Sensual sounds imply that sex is occurring.

Portraying Jesus on a killing spree and then partaking in a threesome is horrific and offends 2 billion Christians worldwide.

Jesus will not be mocked. One Million Moms will not stand for it.

The series also drops the f-bomb a couple times during this episode.

Netflix's conscious decision to air blasphemous content is a clear and repulsive display of corporate arrogance and shows complete contempt for the faith of Christians.

Paul Bury #fundie #wingnut #homophobia #conspiracy familyfriendlygaming.com

I remember the backlash and disgust over DC Comics redefining Batwoman as a homosexual when they brought her back into the comics. I also did some research and noticed Batwoman The Complete First Season was disliked by a super majority of the people. The radicals on the far left claimed it was people being hateful to sexual deviants. The truth of the matter is Batwoman The Complete First Season sucks.

Batwoman The Complete First Season takes a C, D, E, or F grade heroine and gives her C, D, E, or F grade villians to fight. Its like a movie that revolves around the Blue Beettle or something. Only niche super hardcore comic book fans will ever be interested. Batwoman does not have broad appeal when she is constantly putting her homosexuality in the face of others and demanding preferential treatment.

The liberal media, Holly Weird, liberal comic books, and other far left institutions all give Batwoman The Complete First Season preferential treatment. The rest of us are going to be real about this show and point out its horrible. The acting and writing make my eyes roll back into my head like I am doing some old school Undertaker shtick. The special effects are barely existant.

The issues families will have with Batwoman The Complete First Season is lack of attire, enticement to lust, blood, violence, bad language, promotes sexual deviancy, anti-male, anti-police, anti-military, anti-football, anti-wealth, multiverse beliefs, and more. Batwoman The Complete First Season hates on Christians and conservatives while lying way too often. One of the lies in Batwoman The Complete First Season is someone gay can't go straight. Reality disagrees with you Batwoman The Complete First Season.

Paul Bury #fundie #conspiracy familyfriendlygaming.com

We have to have a thick skin dealing with troublemakers, trolls, haters, and cancel culture psychos. There are too many that like to pretzel twist thing in some of the most vile, and wicked ways. I suppose since they are evil in their hearts they want to attempt to make everyone else in the world just like them. This is obviously why they attack Family Friendly Gaming. We are a beacon of light in a very dark industry. We stand up for truth, justice and the American way. The haters don’t want any of that to even exist in our world.

I noticed recently a lack of logic from the troublemaking trolls. Their comments get deleted, and they get put in timeout or blocked on the channels they attempt to cause trouble. Why even do it? What is the point of wasting their time? Don’t they have better things to do? If they are trying to illicit an angry response they fail there as well. What is the point of their attacks? Are they trying to get others to rise up against us? They fail at that as well. Are they attempting to waste our and everyone else’s time so they can have the spotlight on them? They get that for a few seconds and then it’s gone forever. Ultimately I see no logic from their deeds. They are just being wasteful while being hateful and disrespectful.

Do they find it funny trying to spread their ugliness and venom? Ultimately they fail at that, so why do it in the first place? Are they trying to find the barriers that are clearly written down? Are they seeing if they can get preferential treatment and get away with breaking the rules? I ask all these questions because as I analyze it I find no logic behind it. The only conclusion I can come to is they are so filled with hatred that they want to attempt to destroy anything good, honourable, and just. They are in such misery that they want to force everyone into the mud with them. They can’t handle others being happy, and want to destroy that. Yet again if that is their goal they fail at that as well.

Paul Bury #fundie #wingnut #conspiracy familyfriendlygaming.com

I understand we are in dark times right now in America. There are so many problems and issues we are facing. From a failing swamp of corruption leadership in the White House to liars in the Democrat controlled media outlets. From the Chinese virus pandemic to seeing the White House implement failed policies from the past. From wasteful government spending and pork to people not being allowed to work. Racism, sexism, and breeder phobia are on the rise and marching proudly in the streets. Discrimination and persecution against Christians is at an all time high in America.

This world is not our permanent home. We belong to the Kingdom of Heaven. We belong to God. Our focus should always be on Him. We should acknowledge that the Prince of Lies runs rampant on this planet. Satan is causing as much division, destruction, and rebellion that he can. When our focus becomes on God and not all of the evils of this world then all of the problems feel lighter. God is where our hope lies. God is where I joy comes from. You can see all kinds of miserable people who do not have God with them. The closer we draw to God the happier we are. That is my personal experience, and I know plenty of others that share the same experience.

I know there are good times ahead for us. America is in dark times right now. The dawn will come and things will get better. Hold on a little bit longer. Have faith and hope that tomorrow will come and it will get better. There are many horrible things that happen to us in life. There are so many blessings that come out of bad things that happen to us. At times we may not realize or recognize how things can get better. Then before you know it there you are surrounded by blessings. Please keep your chin up. Please find time to smile, and be pleasant to others. The hope we have in Jesus Christ is contagious. Others want what we have more than ever before.