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Still true as ever. When I went to Iraq in '08 everyone said the damn jihadi hajis were innocent victims but I never saw one over there who wasn't trouble who'd shoot you in the back given half a chance to get away with it. Now the ones in Gaza decided to start shit and are facing the consequences but the bleeding heart Leftists think they should be handled with velvet gloves after they killed thousands. The savages have lived in filth and hate and madness their whole lives, everyone that is killed now is one less attacker ten years from now.



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All edge and no point

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(Note: The original comment was deleted but another user quoted it)

The best eugenics movement anyone could ever undertake would be to wipe shittarded aspie autistics like you from the face of the earth. A fucking firestorm. Take your fucking fidget spinners away, disconnect you from your precious internet and shitposting OCD bullshit on ytmnd or reddit or 4chan or wherever you shitcocks try to hide online. March you all into camps, gas you, burn you alive, cut your fingers and arms off, feed them to animals right in front of you, smother you with pillows, throw you in boiling pots of oil, drown you in shit filled sewers, bury you alive in piles elephant shit, run you over with tractors and trucks, shoot your bodies with arrows and spears and blowgun darts like little fucking aspie pin cushions. You all deserve it.

There's no "cure" for you drooling shit fuckers. Only a solution.