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We are in a Horror Show and it’s time to take off the rose-colored Glasses, because there is more and more Criticism of the White Hats Plan, the Earth Alliance etc.

And here is a Summary of what Many may already Think, feel and criticize in the Truth Movement…

1.) It’s boiling under the Truthers, Patriots, White Hats and in the Truth-Movement…

Many well-known Truthers and the People who follow Q and the underground War, who are spiritual, have seen behind the Curtains of the Matrix and are aware of the Alienagenda, the dark Controllers and Beyond, are dissatisfied with the “Plan”, the weak White Hat / Earth Alliance Actions and all the Promises, Speeches and Delays.
The Cabal seems want to leave scorched Earth behind and if the White Hats let this go on for longer and don’t finally come out in Publicly and do something solid about it, then soon there will be no intact Environment, Nature, Earth, People, Animals etc.

The longer this all goes, the more the White Hats will lose Credibility and public Opinion, and the harder it will be, to put everything back Together and put in Order.
2.) Time to get started because the longer the White Hats wait, the Greyer and Darker they become…

Apparently the White Hats are only concerned with the USA at the moment and not with Europe and the Rest of the world. But the so-called Earth Alliance has to liberate the whole World and not just the USA.
4.) The White Hats have caused some collateral damage by choosing the “Wrong Path” for over 1 year…

Simon Parkes says, the White Hats wake-up plan was far too clever, thinking the general Population would be smarter. Unfortunately, that was not the case and the White Hats must admit, that they had miscalculated for over a Year.

They were shocked at how compliant and brainwashed most People are. They would not have thought that the Mind Control that has taken place over the Centuries is so strong.

And to win the Info War, People should finally be “slapped” in the Face with the Truth



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