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The term incestpill can refer to various possible theories. Those are:

* Sexual desire and looks are one of the determining factors in family relationship: the more attracted family members are to the others, the better they treat each others[1]
* Incel males should try to have sex with their sisters[2]
* Since Chad looks good, he can have incestuous sex with his sister without any problem, and can even cuck his sister's boyfriend(s)[3][4]

See also
* Sistercel
* Incestuals
* Cousincest or nothing


[1] 23 August 2019 by Reeve23
[2] 24 August 2020 by Total Imbecile; Total Imbecile's remark was discussed by We Hunted the Mammoth here.
[3] 26 October 2020 by JosefMengelecel
[4] 29 July 2018; context. [two threads from the “Braincels” subforum of a site called rareddit)



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