Ayaeshion and Sirian High Council via Galaxygirl #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

We are the Sirian High Council. We have been watching over this one and many of you reading these words, for many starseed activations are now coming online for those who are of Sirian descent. We would like to say ‘of Sirian ascent’ for levity, for your vernacular is a strange one. Your human language has been so weaponized. This too will change. All is coming into alignment.
We are all one. We care about your viewpoints for we want to help in the most effective way possible. We are scientists, after all. (I am seeing moving mathematical equations that are hyper-dimensional. I am being shown multidimensional math and spacial probabilities, as the timelines interact and fade or morph the math morphs. It is an alive breathing computer calculating all of the possible variables for solar flares, and consciousness reactivity.) Galaxygirl, all is in flux but Creator’s will is sure.
(Let me share that as I was walking by a neighborhood pool they were shocked at the chemicals in the water. I could feel them calculating the toxins in the water and they were absolutely disgusted. They showed me children playing and laughing in crystal clear lakes on New Earth in pristine conditions instead.) Yes, we enjoyed that insight with you. And yet, the earth children, these high vibrational beings currently embodied in little children forms, they were so happy at the pool, galaxygirl. Their joy was genuine. We wish for you to be like these little children. Find the joy in your moment you are in. Surrounded by toxins or not, find the joy in it. This will elevate your consciousness at lightening speed. We did take care of the chemicals in that pool, galaxygirl. We help in our own ways when we are allowed.



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