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I know of no sane woman unless she be a lesbian or a feminist (often the same thing) who would object to be whistled at. Sounds like more sour grapes from short haired severe looking late middle-aged and old women who resent attractive young women getting a bit of attention! Oh and bugger me but I just googled the woman concerned and yes she does have a severe short hair cut but no, she is young! Is that me being 'prejudiced' do you think? I wonder if this new 'hate crime' definition with regards to wolf whistling also applies to women wolf whistling women or women wolf whistling men?

What Orwellian double speak is this? So a 'hate crime' is not necessarily a 'criminal offence' but is nonetheless a 'crime'! I wonder when did the English Houses of Parliament debate this issue, never mind pass any laws on this matter? So it would seem that Nottingham Police has taken over the role of Parliament and introduced their own non-law laws! (Work that one out if you can!) What a pity that Police resources are once again being directed at enforcing marxist political correctness than preventing and detecting real crime. As an aside the current and recently promoted Chief Constable of Nottinghamshire Police is, you have guessed it a woman. So much for the "it being a man's world" mantra which we keep hearing all the time.



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