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Who give a rat's a** about what any non-Jew thinks about Israel. You guys are irrelevant as of 1932, if not before. Jews and Israelis will do whatever they think is required for their security. And let every rich and poor Jew in other countries do whatever they can to exercise or buy or coerce or bribe influence. That's just the way of the rest of you killers. You think I should let those who wiped out my family on all sides decide my security? You think I should give a damn what you think? As for American aid, Israel provides enormous benefits back to the U.S. in terms of intelligence, improved equipment, and some new equipment as well. Finally, most of the aid to Israel is spent in the U.S. If you think the disappearance of Israel is going to make the world safe for Christians and Hindus and the rest of you, then you are not only evil, but cosmically stupid. Finally, just conjure in your mind middle finger the size of Everest pointed in your general direction. By the way, anyway give a damn about the Syrians who are being slaughtered by their Islamic brothers? Does anyone care about the Moslems who attack one another during weddings, funerals, and religious pilgrimages? Naaaaaah, let's focus on the evil, money-grubbing, media-controlling Jews. You are all disgusting hypocrites! Zionism Forever!



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