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[Discussion] Racist Swedish government trying to stop men from marrying Thai women (Feminism's use of demographics to cuck nations)

In the last 10 years, the number of Thai women marrying Swedish men has tripled, and the numbers keeps growing.
The government of Sweden is looking into trying to limit the number of women that come from Thailand.
THEY ARE LITERALLY CALLING THIS A DIVISIVE AND POLITICAL ISSUE. Yet not a word when millions of Muslim men enter Sweden as fake refugees.
Women don't want an influx of women into the country because they know if there is more pussy to go around, a doubling of females in the market halves their SMV.
But when it come letting in millions of males from the Middle East, Swedish girls are cheering in the streets about "Refugees Welcome".
When there are way more men than women in a country (true in almost every country under for age < 40), they have to compete and simp for women who don't have to try.
This desperation for female attention due to artificial inflation of female SMV is how men become more and more cucked, and how more and more left wing cucked laws are able to be passed.

Response- Euro Feminists Are Mad That White Men Are Importing Asian Brides!!



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