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It's Sweet To Be a NEET (It's Swell Bein' an Incel) - Original Song

There’s a new meme in town,
no, it won’t let you down.
We know society has sure gone to shit,
with a tip of my hat, I lift up my glass, and drink to the end of it.

From college I bailed, my relationships failed,
I’m jobless but feel oddly complete,
for I'm Not in Education, Employment, or Training,
I’m acronymically NEET.

When I was in school I was nobody's fool,
saw my teachers were aiming, for obedience training,
so I hit the road, lost my mind, kept my soul,
there was finally time to lift my feet and unwind.

(Refrain) While dreamin’, breathin’, keep on believin’,
eventually, we all complete the dream and reach the peak of NEET.
It’s sweet to be a NEET, it’s swell being an incel,
my delinquency’s complete, you see, all’s well that ends well.
They say the world the meek will inherit, but rest assured, the NEET will share it,
while NPCs complain and parrot, the current thing’s a pin they'll wear,
until they suffocate with flair, gee, what a relief to be a NEET. (/Refrain)

I looked for a job, didn’t like what they offered,
I heard, "Hey, wagie wagie, get back in your cagie."

I said, "Why don't you relax? You can have your licenses and tax,
don’t need much to get by to have harmonious lives."


I used to dig girls, got sick of floozies with curls,
with no phony woman distractin’,
I’m resumin’ all new euphonious craftin’.

But there’s nothing wrong with bein’ glad,
to get a wife that’s nice and trad!
'Cause humanity thrives with a family life,
that's breedin’, teachin’, to always believe,
that even we can be the light that guides us through the darkest night.

We won’t comply,
all NEETs unite,
all NEETs unite,
all NEETs unite.

So we didn't get jabbed,
the bosses said, "Too bad."
It was really that simple, my body my temple.
But that baby inside, is a life fightin’ to survive,
at conception, you’ll find a connection divine,
that’s dreamin’ breathin’ always believin’.


Gee what a relief,
oh what a relief,
it’s such a relief to be a NEET.



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