ReconElement #crackpot #sexist

If you are male that is definitely true tbh males are always fighting with each other. It's only because of polite social norms and conventions that in person multiracial groups of males don't get in more arguments.

Yea males need to fight for everything, especially with a different male to be relevant on any field of life probably for this reason professions where women begin to reach the same numbers as that of males, that profession loses its value and people are no longer interested in it.

In any profession where women reach the same numbers as that of males very quickly many existing males get booted out or marginalized because women have an innate group preference and in the end of their collective interest in mind. Unlike normie males who see every other guy as competition and that he is potentially better than.

Yea, Normies don't miss a single opportunity to decrease the status of a male they thing they can. This behaviour only gets excarbated in the presence of foids.



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