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[From "The trans cult"]

First they overlook evil, then they permit evil, then they legalize evil, then they promote evil, then they celebrate evil, then they persecute anyone who still calls it evil

You pretended they were your equal, only to be promptly informed that they were your superior[…]
We feel helpless, we have no authority to call evil evil when the state calls it good[…]Even though my faith is less than a mustard seed, demons still flee before Christ[…]
Hear is a report from girl was caught in the trans cult as a naive teenager[…]but escaped[…]

Its understandable that any young person exposed to this kind of belief system would grow to deeply resent being white, “cis”, straight, or (biologically) male. The beauty of gender ideology is it provides a way to game this system[…]

She should have tried hitting them with the old and new testament[…]
No one tells them about the staggeringly high trans suicide rate, because that would be discriminatory. Women and men are too fundamentally different for transition to work. Testosterone works great for men on a male mind and a male body. Disastrous for a female mind and a female body[…]
Women cannot handle the psychological effects of testosterone, and not all men can handle it[…]
Testosterone was prompting action, but no proper telos, so self destructive action[…]
They generally do not regret being trans, but for some entirely unrelated reason??are apt to commit suicide. Odd that[…]
Then she reads an essay that depicts trans as socially transmitted insanity[…]
She succumbed to social pressure from wicked people[…]Hard for anyone, and much harder for women, to resist wicked social pressure unless you can call it wicked. We have several millenia of ancient wisdom, that is proving useful as the Enlightenment goes full demonic



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