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( @BohoRose )
Christians believe God created the world, it's called Genesis. Martine Rothblatt created the transgender empire and called his daughter Jenesis. If you think transhumanists like him or Ray Kurzweil at Google aren't determined to win, you're insane. They've put too much money and effort into gender ideology for it to fail, so it's only going to get worse regarding laws made by their puppets like Biden or Trudeau. Fight, fight, fight. If you can't do anything much else, donate what you can and shitpost on the internet. Knowledge is power, give it back to the people. All you need to know is that sex is binary, disorders of sexual differentiation exist, and that there is no trans. Everything else is smoke and mirrors. Do it for humanity. Speak up wherever you can!

( @Linkstar )
Satan is always there to try to twist the minds to pervert God's creations, to always put doubt in the minds that God really exists, and to take as many as he can to the pits of hell

( @_Fangoria_ )
All of those things. And also pray 🙏😀
We are definitely definitely living at the end of a system/civilization- (the apocalypse?) the question is : what is it going to be on the other side? The hellscape these globalist elite demons are planning- or a new awakened world sensitive, receptive and expressive of God’s grace, design and purpose for the human being He created?

( @BohoRose )
There's a hellscape coming. We dunno if it's an ultimate end of days kinda thing or just a horrible time, gotta wait and see. Transhumanists are narcissists so they will try everything.



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