Little Rik #fundie

I am off to work soon so i will answer to all your points fast.
The brain is not a car of course but nevertheless is a vehicle.
A vehicle that carry a passenger.
The atheistic idea that the consciousness mind is a product of the brain will
have sooner or later be smashed in pieces.
The human being build up the vehicle not the other way around.
The brain is made of matter and the matter can not possibly build up the consciousness mind.
The two as far as the body is alive are connected to each other as the driver and the car would
allow the vehicle to move so so far one can not do anything without the other.
Does this means that when the vehicle rot down also the driver rot down?
What would you do when your car fail?
Would you fail and die with your car?
You never thought about it guys, did you?
All you will do is leave your rotting car and buy a new car in order to carry on toward the goal.
This has already been experiences by thousand of NDEs beside be part of billion of people who believe in reincarnation.
I am afraid that as soon as physical science will work together with intuitional science and will find out that the brain is a
product of the consciousness mind all atheistic ideas will be shredded in pieces.



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