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RE: Blackpill r/HAPAS

Always thought that many ricecels from r/hapas and other subs like asianmasculinity or aznidentity in the end want just a white pussy

Agree with them on every level and see absolutely nothing wrong with their reaction towards whites taking their women. It's their god-given right to be angry when some man from the other side of the globe travels to their country to fuck there.

And another thing: A fetish from white men regarding Asian women doesn't exist, the opposite is the case, Asian women fetishize white men, but in the end the man is the only acceptable scapegoat (because everything else would imply things that are banworthy on Reddit and basically social suicide if expressed openly).

And another thing: They say that the BBC stereotype/cuckold porn is a harmful fetish perpetuated by white men because they fetishize blacks, the truth is: White women fetishize blacks. It's rare to see cuckolds that are open about their fetish, it's on the other hand not rare to see coalburners that talk in public about their disdain towards white men and their lust for BBC.

But it's not a harmful fetish or dehumanization when it's done by women of course. Women could never fetishize somebody just because of their race. Society will find a way to explain this and find a man as a scapegoat in the end - be it the white cuckold or the white fetishist of Asian women, while saying absolutely NOTHING about the women themselves.

Unironically: The way this so-called egalitarian society protects women from criticism/responsibility would be more fitting for someone who believes that they are children in adult bodies rather than fully formed humans. The same thing when body shaming and height shaming occurs from women - then it's all the fault of the patriarchal ideas of masculinity and other retarded shit, the man is in the end the bad guy.



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