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A Storm is Brewing

Trump is a master persuader.

When he spoke cryptically of the “calm before the storm” during a signing ceremony mere weeks before the first Q drop, he knew that the mainstream media (MSM) would go into a frenzy trying to paint him as “crazy” over it. In the martial arts style known as aikido, the goal is to use your opponent’s force against them, and that’s exactly what Trump did by making that comment—he knew he could count on the MSM to boost the signal he wanted to send to the world, that a storm indeed is gathering on the horizon.
It's no coincidence that his comments regarding an oncoming storm were made right before Q appeared on the scene, confirming for all of us that, yes, a storm is coming

In posts 1602 and 2543, Q mentions the phrase “white squall”, which appears to confirm not only the existence of the storm, but also its fundamental characteristics and features.
Why did Q refer to a white squall instead of a “regular” tidal wave or some other massive, transformative weather event such as a hurricane? Since a white squall involves sudden winds, we can reasonably surmise that Q is trying to tell us something about the element of air (among other things). What could this be referring to?

We know that the cabal engages in all sorts of occult practices, including but not limited to divination by Tarot symbolism, wherein the air element is (usually) regarded as the suit of swords, and generally has to do with intellect and processes whereby the truth about a matter may be determined. If you think about it, does Truth not cut through lies, when properly wielded? Could a sudden burst of wind refer to a rapid distribution of truthful information? DECLAS, perhaps?



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