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Have you ever wondered why certain things suddenly become a hot topic, seemingly out of nowhere?

How one day you woke up and everyone was arguing about Transgenderism. Or people were supergluing themselves to the road to protest climate change. Or how, one day flash mob department store robberies started to occur, and no one would even attempt to stop them.

You could even look at changes that have occurred more slowly over time in America, like the abandonment of God in society, or the destruction of family. One could look at these things and assume times are changing, and that it has all occurred organically. The truth is that none of it is organic, and that all of it has been meticulously planned out in a think tank by the elites.
I would argue that America has been overseen by British Intelligence Agencies since the forming of MI6, Britain’s War Propaganda Bureau, and eventually the Tavistock Institute.
Trauma-based mental disorders. Trauma-based… Trauma-based mind control. I think you see where I’m going with this.

Through the research and treatment of trauma based mental disorders, psychiatrists discovered that trauma could be used to control people’s minds.
The JFK Assassination, 9/11, Covid—all events that opened portals into the human mind to allow more mind control through fear narratives that followed each event.

Narratives like climate change and transgenderism got their starts and continued push through Tavistock think tanks. None of the woke craziness experienced in America is organic, and none of it actually originated in America
If our culture hasn’t been manipulated to create a state of mind control, how does one explain so many young people wanting to change their sex in the past ten years, or parents voluntarily subjecting their children to drag queen strip shows, or the panic over weather? How does one explain a population of people who stand by and do nothing while their government does the opposite of what they ask them to do?

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Recently, I saw a statistic that 3% of Chinese families don’t have a father in their homes. 4% of Indian families (India) don’t have a father in their homes. 23% of American families don’t have a father in their homes. 6-7 times more American families don’t have a father in their home than in China or India.

Why do I bring this up? I believe for many young Americans; Barack Obama is a father figure.

I believe Obama is a CIA-created character, and I don’t think it’s that big of a stretch to believe he was at least partially created to be a father figure for young Americans who were desperately in need of one. He may not physically be in their homes, but he was in their homes every night on the television. He was, in the eyes of many, the perfect dad—calm, cool and dare I say, caring.
If not for Obama’s presidency, we probably wouldn’t have men using women’s bathrooms, or children mutilating their own bodies because they believe they were born in the wrong body, or transvestite drag queens reading pornography to children in public libraries, or as much racial tension, or athletes taking a knee during the National Anthem. Actually, if Obama was never created by the CIA, what would we even be talking about today? Imagine someone going into a coma in 2007 and waking up today: would they even recognize the world they now live in?
When people say the Covid mandates and the Trans, LGBTQ+, and woke policies in general are straight out of Nazi Germany, they aren’t exaggerating. What we are currently experiencing was used 80 to 90 years ago to create the Nazi Party. There is very little difference between the two.

The purpose of the Hitler Youth and the indoctrination that is happening to the youth of America today is to steal a generation away from its parents and grandparents. The Deep State, through Obama, understands that children are more easily molded than older adults. Children can be effectively shaped through propaganda, fear and fear of being ostracized.

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The question is: what’s the point of it all?

It's exactly the way that they put it in the Matrix—it’s about control. The aim of evil can be summed up with the word control. Not control for an agreed upon, beneficial purpose, but for its own sake. In the absence of genuine authority, control for its own sake is completely synonymous with the concept of slavery.

Is it logical or sensible for a truly omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent being to engage in the practice of slavery?

Common sense tells us that any deity who endorses slavery cannot be one and the same deity who gave us free will and dominion over the Earth. It’s a fundamental contradiction in terms. Therefore, we can say with total certainty that any group or society that practices slavery cannot simultaneously be serving God or following anything remotely resembling real Law.

One of the goals of socially engineering society into a secular worldview is to eliminate “teleology”, which is the study of implicit purposes to things. As we will see, this was necessary to spiritually disarm the masses.
We might all agree that theft, slavery, and murder are bad, but if nothing in creation has any intrinsic meaning, then what of it? Beyond their significance to the people effected, such atrocities mean nothing in the grand scheme of things without any association to a valid telos (aka purpose) that imparts transcendent/teleological significance to them.

If indeed it is God’s Will that mankind be free, then to thwart the freedom of mankind is to work against the self-selected telos of God.
Two of the biggest lies humanity has ever been told are:

1) that we are just physical beings who got here purely by an accident of chemistry and evolution; and

2) that the wasteful, sadistic “powers that be” have a valid claim to authority.

The real truth is God is the true source of all authority (which He never gave to a bunch of parasitic elites who fetishize things like cannibalism and blood sacrifice).

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They say that a lie will travel halfway across the world before the truth even has the opportunity to put its shoes on. But is that truly so? It may only seem that way because America’s enemies have captured many of our institutions, notably the media, which are responsible for creating an artificial support and propagation network for weaponized narratives and outright lies. Nonetheless, all lies eventually perish, just as surely as a building without a foundation is doomed to crumble, sooner or later. The only questions are: when it will happen, and what will be the collateral damage?

There’s a reason for this: truth is a force of nature. Any structure that lacks a solid foundation based upon truth will crumble eventually—just like a house without a foundation. From a certain angle, narratives are nothing more than linguistic constructs; and the lasting-power of a narrative is dependent upon how well it conforms to reality.
Consider the possibility that Q invited you to co-author one of the greatest stories of history—the story of the “anonymous” masses of forgotten men and women who learned how to outmaneuver the entrenched powers of the world in order to rescue their great nation and thwart worldwide evil. In the process, we’ve learned more about ourselves, about existence, and about God than we ever knew we could.
No “scientific theory of everything” is complete unless it can relate metaphysical and physical reality together in a coherent framework (aka a framework free of self-contradiction.) The primary takeaway from all of this for 5G warriors is that this means that God, in addition to being your Creator, also uses your experiences and your very cognition in order to structure reality. This is true for all of us, and it takes the concept of WWG1WGA to levels previously not considered by many.

By being a witness to Truth, you do your part to “manifest” a reality that reflects the Truth.

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Update June 1st, 2023: Trump’s incredible announcement yesterday, just so happened to perfectly line up with the subject matter of this piece. In my opinion, based on how the globalists rolled out their current model of society, Trump is making a decisive and massive blow against their Great Reset plans for the future.

Watch Trump’s announcement for a year of celebration for the 250th anniversary of the founding of the United States. “The Great American State Fair will put forth innovative visions for America’s future,” which I believe Trump is referring to the same sweeping and incredibly positive visions he talked about in last November’s 2024 Presidential-run announcement.
With traditional communities now destroyed, hypersexualized gender-bending media and entertainment would be unleashed, enhanced by social media, producing a kind of “soft” eugenics, where people would self-select out of the gene pool and those left behind found it increasingly difficult to combat the anti-family pro-state-raising children through big media agenda.

Today, we’re living in a world that was shaped and molded by sophisticated and effective propaganda techniques, where the wisdom and ways of the past seem primitive, all while we suffer under the increasingly costly yoke of globalist technocracy, socialistic neo-cultism, and medical authoritarianism.

Trump’s recently released plans, I suspect, are, in part, a kind of white-hat America First World Fair or Expo, with the same basic agenda—to inspire and recruit the people into a new way of life, a truly free way of life where globalism is gone forever.
They were likely going to roll out their own Great Reset-style World Fair or Expo, where the transhumanist dystopia and gender-bending madness are center-stage. But Trump is stealing their thunder, and in a way that will make their vision for the future seem like the batshit insanity that it truly is.

What a time to be alive.

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A Storm is Brewing

Trump is a master persuader.

When he spoke cryptically of the “calm before the storm” during a signing ceremony mere weeks before the first Q drop, he knew that the mainstream media (MSM) would go into a frenzy trying to paint him as “crazy” over it. In the martial arts style known as aikido, the goal is to use your opponent’s force against them, and that’s exactly what Trump did by making that comment—he knew he could count on the MSM to boost the signal he wanted to send to the world, that a storm indeed is gathering on the horizon.
It's no coincidence that his comments regarding an oncoming storm were made right before Q appeared on the scene, confirming for all of us that, yes, a storm is coming

In posts 1602 and 2543, Q mentions the phrase “white squall”, which appears to confirm not only the existence of the storm, but also its fundamental characteristics and features.
Why did Q refer to a white squall instead of a “regular” tidal wave or some other massive, transformative weather event such as a hurricane? Since a white squall involves sudden winds, we can reasonably surmise that Q is trying to tell us something about the element of air (among other things). What could this be referring to?

We know that the cabal engages in all sorts of occult practices, including but not limited to divination by Tarot symbolism, wherein the air element is (usually) regarded as the suit of swords, and generally has to do with intellect and processes whereby the truth about a matter may be determined. If you think about it, does Truth not cut through lies, when properly wielded? Could a sudden burst of wind refer to a rapid distribution of truthful information? DECLAS, perhaps?

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We know the media lies, but we don’t always know how to sift through what’s true and what isn’t. Disinformation is the art of blending truth and falsehood into a dizzying web designed to stir the passions of the masses and lead them towards specific actions. It follows from this that the key to remaining un-hypnotized is to remain as emotion-neutral as possible in the midst of chaos.

Today, we’re going to talk about the effect that the Israel-Palestine battle is having on the minds of the masses. We’re reaching a point in the 5G battle where the hypnotic propaganda of the cabal is visibly backfiring; assuming that Q is a legitimate insider, we are witnessing the part of the plan where they’re “showing the people” what’s going on.
For the record, here is my stance on things:

Criminal enterprises masquerading as “government” are, without exception, wrong.

We mustn’t hold innocent civilians personally culpable for the actions of said “governments”.
Nonetheless, the spell will break when the social environment breaks down past the point where it can continue to deliver coherent instructions to its members regarding how to act and think.
Many reading Badlands are already well aware of numerous specifics regarding the Q drops, but for the “average” person out there, the Q movement is loosely associated with a certain number of ideas—a prominent one being that everything we see is scripted and fake. The fact that this idea has become so well-known is giving people a place to go when their old narratives break down.

Given that the conflict in the Middle East is of a quasi-religious nature, receives nonstop air time, and goes back thousands of years, it’s guaranteed to affect people very deeply. Fundamental questions of right and wrongare simultaneously being raised for millions of people because of this battle. The timing of this could not be more extraordinary considering that this all coincides with a general trend in loss of faith in the media.