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This map is cut off. All of North Africa is in the red. Western blacks would seethe so hard if they knew how their beloved "people of color" treat whites in comparison.

Funny enough, Israel is in the green even though they openly practice systemic racism. It's just virtue signaling.

I just love that Morocco is 3% lol. White westerners are least racist people on earth.

Ireland here. Never thought I’d compare ourselves to Morocco but we need to get our numbers down to that level.

Ireland shocked me with that number honestly

The population have been severely brainwashed since the Celtic Tiger years. All the youth are either marxists or neoliberals, it’s sort of black pilling to see what has become of a formerly very proud people.

Ireland is liberal?

Massively. It’s a disgrace. The country is beyond England levels of “woke”. It all started to go to shit during the boom years. People talk about Sweden being the ultimate depiction of clownery in Europe but at least the Swedes have a half viable nationalist party.

Could be worse belive me, here in Poland people are trying very hard to deconstruct our only non-socialist party because it is too right wing and "nazi".

Damn, and I used to think Poles and Polish goverment was very conservative

Those numbers barely reflect reality. I'd recommend looking into "social desirability bias". Most germans for example will never admit to not wanting their kid marrying a foreigner in front of an interviewer



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