UK Anon #conspiracy #sexist #transphobia

The latter is understandable. The former makes no sense though because roasties acting like aggressive whores doesn't give them the visibly obvious traits that men can't get rid of when they become trannies. Those aren't behavioral traits and aren't as simple as butch haircuts or a non-delicate posture.
I'm referring to how men seem to be unable to identify these rather obvious traits. This is interesting as I know that men are more visual in their attraction, so it implies that this increased emphasis on visuals may be so specific to key traits that complexity or attention to detail is actually lost.

It's because they've pushed a lot of androgynous, trannies or very masculine females as pop stars. People grow up thinking Iggy Azalea, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, etc, are your typical women. They're not. They are all very tall, very imposing, very big framed, very confident, use alpha male body postures and body language, have very wide backs and broad shoulders, very sharp, angled facial features, and so on. I genuinely think some, or even all of them, are secret trannies used for the purpose of eradicating gender in the West. Also a lot of male pop stars are very small, very feminine, very sweet. Bruno Mars, Charlie Puth. They are reversing the gender roles.



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