Robert Kelly #racist

RE: Netherlands Uncovers Network Helping Ugandan Asylum Seekers Fake Being Gay

The Netherlands should say "sorry, can't help you. However, if you want to go to Mexico or Israel, we'll gladly give you a letter of recommendation". Also, it speaks volumes that Ugandans would have to flee their country for being gay. Of course, they have to flee to a western country in order to live openly as a gay man without being in danger of having their heads chopped off But once they get to the Netherlands, sooner or later, they will start talking about how the Netherlands be rayciss and how YT is evil and how they built the Netherlands etc.

Its that they are PRETENDING to be Gay, and paying money for lessons to who in essence are European Coyotes; to gain sympathy, and thus Asylum/Refugee status. (monthly check and apartment) Then once in like a blood-sucking tick, they'll be looking at all da' YT womenz to rape.

I know it says pretending to be gay, I'm just pointing out the fact that gays in Uganda need asylum at all in another country.

Faked being gay? You mean you finally realized it when they raped local women and girls?

These supposedly gay Ugandan men will get into the Netherlands and promptly get to work raping the local Dutch girls while badly beating any actually gay Dutch man.



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