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Serious Feminists should be sent to a third world country for a day.

Like the topic title says, feminists by law should be sent over to live in a third world country for a day just to show them what ACTUAL problems are so as soon as a feminist says anything like ‘The patrichary’ (which isn’t even a thing) or ‘Slut shaming’ then the feminist should be sent to a third world country for a whole day because they have fuck all to complain about, I mean, I complain but I have ACTUAL first world problems such as the fact I’m a locally undesired male and other personal issues on top of that which is a negative on top of a negative but shit like ‘Shamed for having too much sex’ is not an actual first world problem and never will be.

I want to put racemixxing liberal white women in the middle of the Congo naked with a go pro on and that would be the United state’s television program/show. Like naked and afraid but instead of an island you’re in the middle of a mud hut village of sex-addicted HIV carrying Congolese.

(Fancy Alcoholic)
Extremely based post ngl.

Feminist foids in first world countries don't know what life is like for the rest of 99% of the population, which is people living in third world country without all the social advantages they, as a privileged class, get from the west.

Where I live, people get shot in the head if they roam too freely in some bad neighborhood. There's no such thing as imaginary oppression here. When violence is real, you just have to act or cope with life. But "militing" is not even an option at this point, unless you want to get lynched and cut in pieces by low IQ low lives with machetes.



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