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Almost all men are rapist deep down

Even the ones that don't rape they watch rape, they have fantasies about rape, harass women etc. I was shocked when I first time realized that men actually search "rape teen" in porn and actively watch rape, I believed that only "bad ones" watch rape porn, but I guess it's 90+% of male population doing it. In India men actively search for real life rape even when 12 years old girl is involved, they don't care, that's what excites them, so men are actually rapists, that's it. I bet when policeman or judge watches real life rape when the miracle happened and it was recorded somehow they still masturbate to it. That's why sentence for rapists is so low, because men overall DON'T THINK it is a crime. It is just material to masturbate. Men have never cared about rape and shamed victims and protect men, because almost every of them have this rapist mindset.

I think there are also studies that show that most men are OK with rape or have even raped someone before if you simply word it differently and ask them if they were OK with "forcefully" doing this or "remaining persistent" even though the woman does not "seem to like it yet".

Yeah I have read these studies, very eye-opening. Men overall are very different from what we (women) are oficially told. This "not all men are rapists" is piece of garbage of course not all are rapists, but most have this rapist mindset, they are just too afraid to rape voluntarily that's why they watch this on pornhub or other sites. You know men laugh when they heard about real-life gang bang, that's because real-life rape is just as good porn to them as what they see in pornohub.



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