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RE: Vitriol Over Queen Elizabeth II Shows Many Left-Wingers Just Hate White People

(Mike Lanham)

Conservatives arrive at the obvious.

Growing up, I quickly learned that almost all blacks despise whites. The white Left became openly anti-white about twenty years ago. Self-hatred. The blacks hate whites due to envy. The whites who hate themselves can get away with hating themselves due to affluence. It doesn’t cost them anything.

It's not enough that they can live decently in our lands we built, because clearly they don't intend to go back to their own.
Imagine an unwanted stranger moves into your house, then somewhere down the line the stranger wants to take down your family photos in your house because it doesn't suit their personal desires and needs.
Honestly, when is enough enough?

It's more than just "intellectual" hate of Whites. They want to exterminate all Whites and all vestiges of Whiteness. One of their methods is to convince Whites to marry non-Whites and produce non-White children. This destroys White family lines. Pollutes the White gene pool. Lessens the number of White births.

I've noticed that a lot more normie conservative media outlets are coming to this conclusion OPENLY. If you read websites like Breitbart, Daily Caller, etc... you'll notice that there's a complete disconnect between the writers and the comments section. The latter completely gets what's going on where the former tap dances around the issue or spouts some DR3 nonsense. It only makes these sites look more and more foolish by not acknowledging the truth while insulting the intelligence of their audience.

With the exception of a few East Asian countries, I can’t think of a minority White country that is anywhere near high functioning. They are riddled with crime and poverty. We see clearly what they have done to the United States. The hate, from envy, will only get worse.



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