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The Crime Syndicate overlords have divided the populace, and now they might just prove that politics is like pro wrestling by using a tried and true method of stirring things up with a Dusty Finish. It’ll be pandemonium and more chaos!

Dusty Finish: The nickname given to a specific ending to a wrestling match in which one wrestler appears to have scored a win only to have the decision reversed, often on some technicality.
As everyone knows by now, the basis of the Dusty Finish that puts the election outcome even more into doubt are the results in five close states: Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania. To pull off the Dusty Finish, Trump needs to reverse corrupto Pennsylvania and one of the other close states. Biden leads Arizona by only 11,600 votes and Georgia by just 14,000.

These states have highly suspicious counties that have been tagged for fraud by the Trump stats team. Hundreds of pro-Trump IT volunteers are scouring voter data.

The Trump people have filed their complaint in a U.S. district court in Pennsylvania. It’s damning and, to our sensibilities, will put the third world U.S. star chamber legal system to the test. Once the perception builds that a Dusty Finish is in the works, the streets will erupt, leading to the ultimate goal of a color revolution.



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