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The state of isntreal is a reflection of the u.s., that is a violent settler colonial outpost built on the land dispossession, genocide and settler colonialism of the indigenous Palestinians.

isntreal is an extension of yt power, imperialism, and settler colonialism

It is nothing more than a military satellite for the u.s. to control the lives of Arabs in the so-called Middle East and their resources.

isntreal is a yt colony on stolen Arab land, and the resistance of the Indigenous Palestinians is decolonization as they fight to remove the kolonizers on their lands, or else risk being erased completely.

The u.s. is a colony on stolen Indigenous land, and to this day maintains itself through artificially constructed borders, mass incarceration, pig shootings, deportations of indigenous people off their own land, imperialism, and slave labor of the Colonized world.

The Colonized proletariat within the u.s. and around the world, have never stopped resisting, and as the u.s. crumbles, kolonizer amerikkka will meet their end.

Climate change, axes of colonial resistance, the rise of China, and the continued fall of amerikkkan empire and its satellites will bring forth an end to yt power and colonialism that is long overdue.

The wars of WWI and WWII offer examples of what kolonizers do when they begin to lose power and when the resources stolen from the Colonized world begin to dry up.

isntreal’s bombing of the Gaza Strip is just the modern day example of this.

To all our fellow Colonized peoples: join organization and begin to build for yourselves. Leave the amerikkkan colony built upon the bones of your ancestors and on your ongoing genocide.

Join to smash colonialism once and for all!



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