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RE: Serious Is "Spirit sex" or Spectrophilia a Cope?

I have seen several of these books, Supposedly some people evoke spirits to use as sexual AND romantic partners, spirits like Tulpa, Succubi, Goddesses, etc. Is this just a cope, nothing more than mere "mental masturbation"?

Imagine having to meditate and create sigils to have sex with a non-physical imaginary being JFL. Is all that effort worth it?

If that is the case, is Dream sex as good as sex with Spirits?

On two occasions I had a succubus/succubi-like encounters. It's very overwhelming and definitely something I don't think a foid would be able to achieve for you physically. The individual comes in the form of the most beautiful foid you could think of, it started asking if it could take over my body and that's when I freaked out and woke up. I thought it'd posses me. Looking back I should've let the experience continue just to see what would happen. There are cons too. For one, they don't call them spiritual parasites for no reason. They drain you of your energy and you wake up absolutely exhausted. The more you use them, the harder they become to get rid of. Some guys experience them in waking life too once they grow that powerful (real paranormal stuff). It's amazing but I wouldn't recommend intentionally trying to call one of these

Ah, I see. I though spirit-maxxing would be a genuine path to ascension, but all I got was bullshit. Every incel I talked to seemed to get the same results. Do we even need spirits at this point? Like what the heck are they going to for us? Or for any Incel for that matter?

Exactly. Spirits aren't worth it. It takes too much effort and they're just as deceiving as actual foids since they don't actual benefit you in any way. Nothing compares to the dopamine and oxytocin from the physical affection of a warm physical being. The orgasm might be better but afterwards the spirit is gone. You can't cuddle with a spirit, have physical affection etc.



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