Henry de Lesquen #racist lesquen.fr

[Translated from "Pour une immigration négative" - "For a negative immigration"]

As soon as he was named as Minister for Interior, in 2002, Sarkozy declared the principle of immigration zero was to be forgotten

"Immigration Zero" was the official dictrine of every government, both right and left, since 1974. The expression meant the numbre of entering foreigners ("x") had to be equilibrated with the number of leavers ("y"):x-y=0. But, for Sarkozy, there should be more entrance: "x" had to be way higher than "y". It is positive immigration

I am hostile to immigration zero. I adhere even less to positive immigration of Sarkozy, Hollande and Micron [Mix of "Macron" and "micron"]

I am for negative immigration: "y" has to be (largely) higher than "x." We have to invert the migratory flux, so as to the number of leaving foreigner is way higher than the number of enterances



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