Navaros #fundie

Hold down a job? What are you talking about? Back in the day when good & normal families were the norm (in contrast to the current norm which is terrible & broken families), women did not "hold down a job." Rather, their husbands bought everything for them and paid all their bills. In addition, they also owned 50% of all of their husbands' property and income, simply by existing.

As the character Wally Cleaver says in the show Leave it to Beaver, women under this arrangement "had it made!"

Research has proven time and time again that women were a lot happier living those good lives in normal families than they are today, when they instead lead broken homes, act like men, and worship their careers (as if any of that could ever make a woman happy, LOL!)

Only in the twisted fantasies of liberal revisionist history are the miserable lives that women lead today a "good" thing.



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