Calypsis4 #fundie

Hitting the nail on the head. Not only is ToE not the best explanation it is the absolute worst.How can they possibly explain that nature somehow KNEW how to put together the vastly complex DNA by chance, and how nature KNEW that so many living organisms would need a brain, eyes, lungs, hands, feet, and blood...among so many other things necessary for life as if the human genome had a brain to figure all of that out. Absurdum ad nauseum. In this regard even the ET/space alien theory makes more sense than neo-Darwinism. Your challenge is a very good one but as I have likewise challenged them repeatedly for about 3 yrs, to let them show us a single example an organism that changed/transformed step-by-step, stage-by-stage into a classifiably different family and let them give us the genetic formula that establishes such a change. But they have not done that nor will they ever. That's because evolution has never occurred on this planet.



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