SubhumanAbomination #psycho #wingnut

a message to left wingers

If you're "progressive" or liberal or left winger or whatever those degenerate subhumans are called nowadays, then i hope that you'll get tortured by bone cancer that renders you unable to move and then it spreads to your mush of a brain, making you more retarded than you already are, that's of course after you watch everyone you loved stabbed to death and raped in front of you

no incel should care about politics tbh either side wants us dead

I don't care about politics myself. I think this goes beyond politics as it's a severe social disaster that affects humanity as whole

leftists should eat a cactus as it slowly punctures their throat
thats the vibe im gettin from this post

As long as the cactus contains acid that burns them from the inside i'm rooting for it

Lefties are still better than pathetic conservatards who fucking lick billionaires assholes and clean it for them while they believe in the eternal wage cuck life.

So you either have to be a retarded hardcore Christian who loves Israel or a degenerate subhuman who advocates for sexual transition of kids?

Shame how the left has such an influence on America nowadays smh it's a sad sight.

It has influence on the whole world, a civil war to eradicate them is the solution



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