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If you still think the klan, skinheads and other racist organizations were Christian-based, you've been tricked, bamboozled, hood-winked and deceived!

The klan always were nothing more than witches and warlocks who used the cloak of cultural Christianity to hide the fact that they were really practicing witches. (Cultural Christianity is basically when a society agrees to live by laws that are built on mostly biblical principles, but doesn't necessarily follow the fullest expression of Christianity the way a born-again believer would.)

Witchcraft was always an unpopular thing in American society - at least until recently. So the klan couldn't come out as full-blown witches. So they put on hoods and robes and mimicked the different masonic organizations by claiming to be a 'secret society.' That way only real members would know and understand what they were truly all about.

Like I always ask: What real Christian would set a cross on fire or burn down a church???? That is something non-Christians do; just like ISIS is currently doing to Christian folk throughout the Middle East.

And the skinheads are really nothing more but Thor worshipers and practitioners of ancient pre-Christian Nordic religions. You ever wonder why the hammer is such a prominent symbol used by skinheads? Now you do: the hammer represents Thor's hammer, named "Mjölnir."

Thor's name in the ancient middle east was Ba'al. Both are known as the god(s) of thunder and storms. And they are diametrically opposed to Jesus Christ and God's people.

If you're a practicing wiccan, or even a practitioner of some form of voodoo or Kemetic religions: you actually have more in common with the klan and skinheads than Christians do! Its just that no one ever showed you so until now.

So the real racists aren't the ones you suspect. They're the ones who no longer identify with Jesus Christ in any way because they no longer have to in order to be accepted by society. They've ditched their white hoods and robes and now fully embraced the religion of all true racists: witchcraft.

Witchcraft is the religion of the flesh. It's earth-based; therefore it's rooted in flesh which comes from the earth. Earth-based = flesh-based = race-based. This is why even those kemetic religions always coalesce around race. Whenever you base your beliefs on anything earth-based it'll ultimately lead you to exalt the flesh.

Christianity is a religion of heaven. It's heaven-based because it came to us from heaven. It's not based on the flesh at all; it's based on the principles and power of the heavenly realm above where God dwells.

Embrace real Christianity; and Christ will pull you up to the level where the true sons and daughters of God dwell.

"For he raised us from the dead along with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms because we are united with Christ Jesus." Ephesians 2:6



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