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( @Halp )
People voted for “build the wall deport them all”....”lock her up” and “drain the swamp.” What we got was lowest black unemployment...bump stock ban....pardons for jewish spies and black rappers....and the operation warp speed clot shot.

( @VictoryValhalla )
@Halp supporters locked up indefinitely without trials, trading cards and the never ending humiliation of our hero’s graves being defiled.

( @ChristTruther )
@VictoryValhalla @Halp The ONLY REAL 'super heroes' are patriots and supporters who have risked (and lost everything) defending freedom and truth. They deserve so much more than the shameful treatment they have received.

( @NinjaGoy )
@Halp this was all obviously done on purpose to expose the deep state🙄

You must have not followed enough of the White Hat breadcrumbs up Sean Hannity's ass hole that led to the secret MAGA wizard blueprints instructing us to wait for two more weeks for the military tribunals to kick off. Try to keep up!

( @ReasonableWhiteGuy3 )
@Halp "I voted for “build the wall deport them all”....”lock her up” and “drain the swamp and all I got were these crummy trading cards"

( @Whiskeybent )
@Halp But he had to do it, trust the plan goy

( @usecommonsense )
@Whiskeybent @Halp Exactly....just 2 more weeks. Then another 2 weeks. Then another 2 weeks. And then we lockdown for 6 months this time. Trust the plan guys. It's the "plan" remember?

Sad part is....some people believe the above nonsense.

( @Vernon_Wormer )
@Halp We voted for Trump and instead we got Kushner. This is all on Trump. He outsourced most of his duties as president to bad actors. He was lazy, unfocused, and undisciplined. He needs to apologize before to all the Trump supporters before I ever consider voting for him again.

( @sammystone )
@Halp That's true, but it was 1000 times better than what we got under racist Obummer or Patriot Act Bush

( @253 )
@sammystone @Halp true and sad at the same time.

( @usecommonsense )
@253 @sammystone @Halp Trump is controlled opposition.



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