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If Republicans want to actually be useful, they would repeal the childhood vaccination list and abolish the CDC. I wouldn't hold my breathe on that taking place, but that is what should be done.

@USCenturion If I had a child today not a single vaccine would enter his body. Can't believe any phama today. They will kill you for money.

@USCenturion I struggle to think of one single 3 letter agency that should continue to exist.

As I found out not long ago, if you tell them you're not vaccinating your child for anything, they'll drop you as a patient. They might very well need to add this to the child immunization list as unfortunate as that sounds. Maybe it'll wake some people up. Maybe people will start to stand up. We can't just sit around and be compliant. Say no. Push back. Do your research, stand your ground and find God.

@USCenturion Youre right. However, instead of doing that, the Republicans will felate minorities, while simultaneously signing bills to remove or limit every God given right you have as an American citizen.

*Gobble gobble*
"See? Were the inclusive Party, not like those Democrats"
*slobber slobber*

@USCenturion republicans are just the right side masked option of the ZOG.



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