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RE: Can I count myself as Slav?

Disagree. We should look into the social aspect of this example not just the genetic one. There are more males compared with females, meaning some guys must marry outside of their own ethnicity or die alone. I would rather prefer African-Macedonian mix if the dad is Macedonian than a Turk or anyone else cucking a Macedonian girl.

He is as Slavic as much as Obama is white. He is mix, and he can pass as Turk because ethnicity is passed from dad side not mom. Plus idk what this guy tripping, more than half of Macedonian Muslims call themselves as Turks in Macedonia. Simple example for this is the mayor of Plasnica, Ismail Jahoski. Plasnica nibbas we having last names with "ski" but they write themselves as Turks.

Macedonians and Bulgarians aren't as Slavic as Poles and Ukrainians for example(we have Balkan blood). So i think what u wanted to say is that u are attracted to Macedonian roots not Slavic in general.

I would not say there is even Macedonian culture tbh as of 2021, because there is no suck thing as culture anymore in Macedonia since the 60s, We only have the language and some Christian traditions left.

If your dad was Macedonian and your mom Turkish i would have said u can identify as Macedonian but your mom is the only who married a Turk so no i would not want u to identify as Macedonian nor Slav. You should identify as mix Macedonian/Turk.

Is that really matters that my dad or my mother? Why one of them makes me less or makes me more?

Society, it's like this since ever. Dad side matters not mom side, u can identify as whatever u like but in reality almost all kids from mix marriages take the dad side ethnicity.



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